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Best Water Toys for Dogs


If your dog enjoys playing in the water and getting wet then summer is the time and these toys will be a huge hit! Especially for water-loving dogs such as Labradors, Spaniels and Retrievers who just beg to get soaked! Perfect for just having fun or for training retrieval skills in the water.

If you want to teach your pet how to swim or just get a little wet, water toys for dogs are the ideal motivational tool. Water toys come in different forms with sinking dog toys for those who like to swim underwater and floating dog toys for those who prefer paddling on the surface. Water-friendly toys are tons of fun for dogs and to make sure you get the most out of your dog days at the beach, lakeside or dog swimming pool we have included our best picks below:

All Paws Dog Water Fountain

Freshwater for your dog at the push of a paw! The problem with conventional dog water bowls is that they run out, and on a hot summers day if your furry friend is stuck in the garden this dog water fountain provides direct access dogs can use by themselves.

All for Paws garden water fountain for dogs is easy to use and has a convenient rubber surface on the level so your puppies paws don’t slide about. Just connect to a standard garden hoselock and your pooch will have fresh water whenever they need it, for however long they need it! The harder they press, the faster the water comes out. Great for chilling out, cooling down and having fun in the hot summer months.

Two-in-one Jumbler Dog Ball

Twice the interactive fun for half the price. Doggies love this two-in-one squeaker and tumbling water toy by KONG that entices play.

Due to the special rugby ball handle design picking up the toy is easy and it can certainly withstand some abuse, sharp teeth and shaking! This is an extremely durable and sturdy dog water toy that is suitable for use on dry land as well. Available in three different sizes so you can be sure to get the most comfortable grip, depending on the size of your pooch.

NOZOMI Water Ring Toy

A popular dog frisbee toy that can be used on water and land. Great for playing catch, tug of war, water retrieval games and training. The NOZOMI dog ring toy floats on water so can be used safely as a dog swimming toy.

Without a doubt one of the best water ring toys we found. A very robust toy that can withstand tough play, even for aggressive dogs like Rottweilers this water toy will last! It has completely safe and smooth edges so you don’t have to worry about getting scratched.

Chuckit! Amphibious Floating Fetch Toy

Impossible to sink in water. This floating dog toy is perfect for fetch, water retrieval and water training.

High visibility Chuckit! Amphibious dog toys are suitable for professional dog training in water and on land. The padded outer material is extra-tough and soft on your dog’s mouth. Can easily be carried in your dog’s mouth when swimming. Ideal for taking with you down the lakeside or beach for fun. The rope positioned at the top is ideal for tug or war games and throwing it that extra bit further!

Floating Jumbo Rope Ball

Provides hours of entertainment for your furry friend. Great for the teeth and gums, durable hygienic safe rubber dog toy that floats on water.

Much bigger than a tennis ball so small dogs might have to grab the rope. Very robust and can withstand hard use from most dogs. Suitable for professional dog training on water or dry land. The weight of the ball makes it an ideal throwing toy for dogs and it’s easy to grip when swimming. Our friends German Shepherd loves this floating dog toy in the pool.

KONG Aqua Dog Toy

A floating retrieval toy ideal for fun both in and out of water. Made from 100% extra-strong foam core that keeps this toy floating on the water surface while your dog goes and fetches it.

Great for playing games and water retrieval training. The long nylon rope means it’s easy to throw long distance (even for wimps)! A fantastic dog toy that floats however not suitable for tug of war games due to rope popping out under pressure. Due to the lightweight foam material, this floating dog toy can drift out quickly at sea, so we found it better suited for use in a dog bathing tub or swimming pool.

Chuckit! Amphibious Floating Duck Diver Ball

Another superb floating dog toy by Chuckit! Perfect for the beach or lake the high visibility colours make it extremely easy for your dog to follow.

Interactive Amphibious Duck Diver ball will fit in most ball throwers. Decent weight means the Duck Diver ball can be throw long-distance easily. Durable strong material does not tip and can withstand sharp teeth. The material has a soft consistency and is comfortable in your dog’s mouth. Suitable for small to medium sized dogs up to 15Kg.

KONG Wet Wubba Water Toy

A fabulous toy for the swimming dog by KONG. Made in the USA this pet safe dog toy floats in water, ideal for teaching your dog how to swim. The Wet Wubba is coated in wetsuit fabric neoprene material that is fast to dry when playtime comes to an end.

High visibility material makes it easy for your dog to find the toy in water or snow. Great for water retrieval training because of the long tails it does not drift away in the strong water current. Your dog can also grip the tails making it easier to carry in water with a closed mouth. This toy is appropriate for interactive dog games in water or dry land and is perfectly suitable for fetch and tug of war. This is a dog toy for play and is not intended for chewing sessions. Available in three different styles.