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Best Venison Treats for Dogs


Giving your dog a variety of meats and vegetables ensures that they get a full range of nutrients and helps prevent food boredom. So instead of constantly choosing chicken and beef snacks for your dog, why not broaden their horizons with venison? Venison (deer meat) is high in protein, but has less cholesterol, fat and calories than beef. It’s also a rich source of B vitamins (vital for energy levels and a healthy nervous system) and important minerals such as iron, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, and copper. As a unique protein, it can also be a good choice for dogs with allergies and intolerances. Finally – it’s delicious!

Nylabone Dog Snacks – Venison

Take your dog for a walk on the wild side!

Best Price on Nylabone Dog Snacks/Treats, Medium, Venison Flavour, 2-Piece

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PRICE: £1.99
WAS: £4.99

These venison dog chews have no added salt, sugar or GMOs and no artificial preservatives, flavours or colourings. They’re low-fat, nutritious snacks suitable for dogs up to 16kg. The fun antler shape of these treats ensures that they get into all the nooks and crannies in your dog’s mouth, cleaning their teeth as they chew and helping to prevent tartar build-up. Also available in turkey or bison flavours.

Natural Treats Pure 100% natural Scottish venison

If you’re looking for natural dog treats, this may be the ultimate product, as it’s simply 100% pure Scottish venison.

Best Price on Pure 100% natural Scottish venison available (1kg)

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PRICE: £14.25

These snacks are firm, sausage-shaped and delicious. Gluten, rice and grain-free, they’re ideal venison treats for dogs with intolerances or allergies, particularly allergies to other protein sources—or for dogs who just like a tasty, natural treat that’s gentle on their tummy.

JR Products Pure Dried 100% Fresh Meat Dog Treat – Venison

These tasty, gluten-free dog treats are sticks made from 100% pure venison.

Best Price on Pure Dried 100% Fresh Meat Dog Treat Gluten Free 5 x 50g - Venison

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They can be given to your dog whole or broken down into smaller pieces as a training treat. Sourced and produced in Europe, they are healthy, nutritious and great for dogs with sensitive digestions. Free from artificial additives or preservatives. Not suitable for dogs under 4 months old. Also available in kangaroo, chicken, duck, salmon, beef, rabbit and lamb flavours.

Veni-Dog – Pure Air-Dried Venison Marrow Bones

These venison dog treats are marrow-filled bones sourced from Scottish Red Deer, air-dried to retain maximum flavour and nutritional value.

Best Price on Veni-Dog - Pure Venison Marrow Bones - Treats For Dogs - 100% Natural Air Dried Venison 225g

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Tasty, gluten-free hypoallergenic dog treats with no artificial additives or preservatives, ideal for dogs with allergies or dietary intolerances. These long-lasting, natural snacks are more suitable for larger dogs and are not suitable for puppies.

Purina Adventurous Strips Dog Treats Venison Flavour

Low fat venison dog chews that your dog will find delicious.

Best Price on Purina Adventuros Strips Dog Treats Venison Flavour, 90 g - Pack of 6

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PRICE: £5.76
WAS: £8.34

These venison strips are made without any artificial colours and come in a useful resealable bag to keep them fresh. They can be given to your dog whole as a filling snack or ripped into pieces for smaller treats, ideal for training sessions. Not suitable for puppies.

Good Boy Deli Dog Treats – Chewy Venison Steaks

Delicious, high protein, low fat venison treats for dogs.

Best Price on Good Boy Chewy Venison Dog Treats - Deli Dog Treats - Venison Steaks - 80ge - Pack of 12 - No Artificial Flavouring

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PRICE: £28.75
WAS: £35.88

Made with 82% pure venison, plus duck, pea protein, glycerine and salt. Limited ingredients and just 3% fat make this a good choice for dogs needing to lose weight or those with sensitive stomachs. These tasty ‘steaks’ can be given to your dog whole or broken into smaller treats. They’re packaged in a handy resealable bag to lock in freshness. Not suitable for puppies under 4 months.

Pawslet Chewy Venison Steaks

The economical way to give your dog steak!

Best Price on Good Boy Pawsley & Co Chewy Venison Steaks 80g (12 Pack)

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PRICE: £24.04

These treats are tasty ‘steaks’ made with over 80% venison and they come in a resealable bag for maximum freshness. With plenty of protein and just 3% fat, they’re a healthy treat for all dogs and particularly suitable for dogs with a few excess pounds, especially as you can manage portion control by giving them whole or breaking them into smaller pieces. With just 5 ingredients – venison, duck, pea protein, glycerine and salt – they can be a good choice for dogs with sensitive tummies or intolerances too. Only suitable for dogs 4 months old and over.

Pet Munchies Venison Strips

Delicious venison dog chews made with roasted 100% natural venison and beef liver, with no artificial additives or preservatives, flavours or colourings—the only added ingredients are vegetable protein, glycerin, starch, salt.

Best Price on Pet Munchies Venison Strips, 75 g, Box of 8

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PRICE: £21.38

These wheat, cereal and gluten-free dog treats are low in fat, so especially suitable for dogs with gluten intolerance or dogs carrying a few extra pounds! The resealable bag ensures they stay fresh, and you can break them into smaller pieces useful for giving as training treats (or smaller rewards for pudgier pups!).

Feelwells 100% Meat Treats Venison Sticks

These delicious venison dog treats are suitable for dogs and puppies 3 months old and over.

Best Price on Feelwells 100% Meat Treats Venison Sticks,10 x 100 g

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PRICE: £44.96

Produced in the UK using meat from British deer, the sticks are made from 100% air-dried venison meat in a natural collagen casing, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Grain-free treats ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs or grain intolerance.