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Best Deer Antler Chews for Dogs


Gnawing on hard chews can help your dog’s dental health, removing plaque, preventing tartar build up and stimulating circulation to the gums. Deer antler dog chews are hard, long-lasting and appealing to your dog because of their taste and texture. They’re appealing to owners, too, as they’re not smelly and won’t stain things they touch!

However, watching your dog as they chew and picking a quality product is particularly important with antler dog treats. If your dog is large and/or tends to bite down directly on chews or tries to break them in half, antler dog chews may not be ideal, particularly if they’re made from older or more brittle antlers.

Deer antler treats are not ideal for aggressive chewers and dogs with high jaw pressure. Antlers are much safer for dogs who take their time when they chew, so if this doesn’t sound like your furry friend consider an antler bone alternative such as teething treats for dogs or the Nylabone deer bone listed further down below. Like any very hard dog chew, they can cause cracked teeth or they may splinter, damaging your dog’s mouth. Vets advise taking antler chews away if your dog tries to bear down on them or if they become small enough to swallow, and not allowing your dog to chew more than an inch of the antler per day.

The deer antler we reviewed below already had the sharp edges removed for safety, however, dog owners should also check deer antler dog chews for sharp edges and remove them with sandpaper if needed.

Stagbar Antler Dog Chew for Large Dogs

Stagbars are natural, incredibly long-lasting antler chews for dogs that will keep them happy and entertained for hours, helping to ensure they’re not tempted to use their chewing instincts on household items!

Best Price on Stagbar antler dog chew - Extra Large 100% Natural

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PRICE: £18.00

Over a period of time, as they grind down the outside of the chew, the tasty, dry marrow inside is exposed. These antler treats are suitable for adult dogs and puppies who are teething. Also available in small and large sizes.

Regal Mutt – Antler Puppy Chews

These sustainably sourced antler horn dog chews are made from 100% natural Scottish Highland or European deer antler.

Best Price on The Regal Mutt - Antler Puppy Chews (Pack of 3)

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PRICE: £13.99

They’re hypoallergenic dog snacks and low fat, especially ideal for teething puppies over 12 weeks, redirecting their energies away from your furniture and footwear—so they have benefits for your puppy and for you! They’re also a good choice for toy breeds Regal Mutt antler chews are additive free, preservative free and low odour, and they won’t leave stains or mess behind. They’re also very durable and will help to keep your puppy’s teeth and gums healthy as they chew. Available as single chews or in a 3-piece pack.

The Regal Mutt supports Four Paws Animal Rescue and donates 50p from each pack of antler puppy chews to this important charity.

Antos Antler Dog Chew for Large Dogs

These sustainably sourced antler bones for dogs undergo chemical-free cleaning and the removal of any sharp protuberances before being cut to size to make the perfect antler dog treats.

Best Price on Antos Antler Natural Dog Chew - Large

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PRICE: £9.34

They’re natural, durable and natural dog chews containing the calcium and other minerals vital for your dog’s good health.  Splinter risk has been greatly reduced by leaving the antler unprocessed, so let your dog chew this natural, odour-free treat instead of the household items you would rather they avoided! As they are a natural product, you will see a variation in the colour and texture of the chews, which will help to keep your dog interested in these antler treats.

Deer Antler Dog Chew, Medium

Green Stag antler dog chews are only made from freshly gathered antlers that are then smoothed for your dog’s safety and cut to size.

Best Price on Green Stag Antler Dog Chew Medium Natural - Ethical - Dog Charity (Medium)

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PRICE: £9.99

Your dog will love these tasty, odourless chews and you have the satisfaction of knowing their antler dog treats are natural and full of calcium and other essential minerals—and that chewing them will help to keep your dog’s teeth and gums in great condition. These antler chews are graded by weight rather than size; medium chews are 225g-350g. They’re also available in small, large and extra-large varieties.

Antos Antler for Small Dogs

Sustainably sourced from the naturally shed antlers of Red Deer and Fallow deer, these antler chews for dogs are cleaned and smoothed to reduce the risk of damage to your dog’s mouth.

Best Price on Antos Antler dog chew - Available in 3 sizes - 100% natural ALL SHAPES MAY VARY (Small Antler Small 50-75g)

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PRICE: £4.99

These tasty, natural treats for dogs are high in essential minerals (including calcium) to boost your dog’s health, while their shape and texture will help to keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy. Because these durable chews aren’t processed, they are more resistant to splintering, and they’re also odourless. Naturally occurring differences in the chews’ shape, colour and texture will help to keep your dog interested in these chews, preventing them from turning their attention to the things you don’t want them to chew, such as shoes and chairs! Antos chews are weight graded and small chews are between 50g and 75g.

The Regal Mutt Antler Dog Chews, Medium

If your dog is a chewer, then focus those chewing energies on these delicious, durable deer antler chews from Regal Mutt.

Best Price on The Regal Mutt - Antler Dog Chews Medium (Pack of 3)

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PRICE: Out of stock

Sustainably sourced from Scottish Highland or European deer antler, they’re also free from additives and preservatives, low in fat, and great for cleaning your dog’s teeth and gums. They’re great for you, too, as they’re odour-free, won’t stain surfaces and help support animals in need, as 50p from the purchase of each pack goes to the Four Paws Animal Rescue charity. Buy these hypoallergenic antler dog treats and you know you’ll make not just your dog happy, but many rescue dogs too!

Antler Tip Puppy Chew

Not all antler chews for dogs are made equal, but these high-quality antler puppy chews are made from just the highly nutritious and tasty antler tip.

Best Price on Antler Dog Chews - Antler Tip Puppy Chew

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PRICE: £4.99

They’re ideal not just for puppies, but miniature breeds too, and are additive and preservative free. A simple, long-lasting, unprocessed snack that will delight your dog and please you too, as it’s low odour and won’t stain surfaces. As this is a natural product, expect chews to come in a range of shapes with some variation in size.

Nylabone Deer Antler Alternative Dog Chew

A great alternative if you would rather not give you dog genuine antler.

Best Price on Nylabone Animal Alternative Antler Dog Chew, Medium

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PRICE: £6.80

This easy-clean, super-durable Nylabone antler chew is suitable for aggressive, dedicated chewers and is recommended for dogs up to 16kg/35lbs. It’s knobbly texture will keep your dog entertained and help keep their teeth and gums in good condition as they chew. They will also love the venison flavour that’s not just on the outside, but throughout the bone, keeping them licking and gnawing away for many happy hours! Also available in small, large and extra large.

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Best Agility Toys & Obedience Equipment


Agility equipment offers many benefits for dogs to enhance performance, attention to detail and obedience. Agility dog training toys include jumping hurdles, weaving poles and hoop sets, dog tunnels, seesaws and various other activity sport dog training equipment. Depending on the size of your dog some agility training kits and toys are suitable for indoor use.

Motivate your four-legged friend with games to improve hand-eye coordination and alertness. Agility equipment for dogs helps to create an inseparable bond between dog and owner while proving good mental exercise and essential skills to compete in dog agility training. You can start training your puppy for agility from just one-year-old with suitable low-height kits.

Multicolor Indoor Dog Agility Starter Kit with Tunnel, Poles & Jump Obstacles

Complete kit for indoor interactive fun with your dog. Starter kit includes a variety of 7 different agility obstacles for your pooch to work through. Challenge your dog with problem-solving skills that will help improve physical health and wellbeing.

Best Price on Outward Hound Kyjen 41003 Zip Zoom Indoor Dog Agility Starter Kit with Dog Tunnel Weave Pole High Jump Obstacles, Large, Multicolor

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PRICE: £24.99

Play with your dog and boost doggie IQ! Agility training starter kit includes 1 square shaped tunnel, 4 weave poles, 1 high jump and storage bag with setup instructions. Free agility training tips booklet is included for god owners. This is a great budget starting point with some essential equipment, suitable for mainly small dogs although medium-sized dogs can certainly fit through the tunnel.

Agility Dog Tunnel Obedience Training Toy

Guaranteed fun for your furry friend! Quick and simple to assemble, lightweight, compact and easy to transport with professional carry case.

Best Price on TecTake XXL agility tunnel dog training obedience toy play exercise 500cmx60cm incl. 12 pegs & carrying bag blue

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PRICE: £33.99

Our dogs seemed put off at first but with the aid of a few dog training treats we were able to entice them in! Perfect for training obedience and discipline in your dog. Includes pegs so you can secure the agility tunnel to the ground. Only takes seconds to put up and is completely weatherproof so you can leave it outside in the rain. The total length of the dog tunnel is 5 meters long and the diameter is 60cm. Can also be used for agility training other pets, great fun and good value for money.

Small Agility Training Hoop by Rosewood

Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs the Rosewood hight adjustable agility hoop can be used both indoor and outdoors. Constructed from soft foam so perfectly safe for training. Includes a carry bag for storage and portability.

Best Price on Rosewood Small Dog Agility Hoop

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PRICE: £25.16

A small agility hoop for petite dogs such as puppies, Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Shih Tzu or Bichon. In the heavy wind, they do tend to blow over so will need weights to hold them secure. This hoop is best used for agility training outdoors in the summer or can be used indoors in the winter. Due to the foam construction, the hoop is very light, so it’s easy to carry with you when travelling.

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Swimming Pools for Dogs


Dog pools are a great way to stay cool in the summer. Hydrotherapy is also proven to offer therapeutic benefits to your pooch. Pet swimming pools come in various sizes where some models are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Depending on the size of your dog you may need a large swimming pool where smaller dogs would be better suited in a puppies paddling pool. Keep reading below for the best dog bathing pools we found…

Do not make the mistake of purchasing standard kids paddling pools or inflatable swimming pools as they are not built to withstand sharp dog paws and heavy scratching: Not to mention the materials used may be toxic and not safe to use for animals. Every dog owner we know who tried this only wasted their money and ended up buying a pet safe swimming pool instead.

Foldable swimming pools can conveniently be taken apart, put into a storage bag and taken with you on camping trips or put out of sight during winter. More expensive dog swimming pools have anti-slip surfaces with UV protection material for added safety and durability. Now splashing and having fun can be enjoyed by the entire family, including your pooch! Here are the best swimming pools for dogs we found:

Large Foldable Dog Bathing Tub

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use this large pet swimming pool can be used as a bathing tub for your dogs and also for medicated bathing filled with balls or sand (not just water)!

Best Price on Yaheetech Foldable Pet Dogs Swimming Pool Puppy Bathing Tub Red Children Kid Paddling Pool Ball Water Ponds Dia 160cm

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PRICE: £52.99

Enjoy playing with water toys and encourage your dog to get wet. Made from non-toxic materials and extra strong PVC composite fabric this dog pool by Yaheetech is safe to use and built to withstand heavy use. MDF plate and high-quality PVC compound cloth material are environmentally friendly and scratch resistant. The material at the bottom is made from anti-skid and wear-resistant texture on the surface to prevent dogs and children from sliding or slipping. UV protection function reduces bright light reflection and improves service life. The swimming pool is cold resistant so can even withstand snow and subzero conditions if you and your pooch fancy a dip in the cold!

Foldable Dog Paddling Pool

Suitable for dogs, puppies and even humans who fancy a paddle! The foldable paddling pool for dogs by Fuloon is available in four different sizes, ranging from 56-litre capacity up to 339-litre capacity depending on the size of your pet.

Best Price on Fuloon Foldable Dog Paddling Pool Puppy Cats Swimming Bathing Tub Pet Children Kid Ball Water Ponds (Red/Blue, ?80*20H)

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PRICE: £17.99

Not just a swimming pool for dogs, the multi-function design means this bathing tub can be used for a kids summer paddling pool, fish pond, ball pit, toy storage or sandpit. We even heard of some parents using this as a portable travel bath for their babies! The folding design means this dog bathing pool is easy to pack away and take with you on summer vacations. Cleaning the pool and changing water is very efficient using the advanced draining system. We found it is best to position the paddling pool on a flat clean surface (even old carpet) to maximise life on all dog paddling pools.

PawHut Inflatable Pet Swimming Pool

Inflatable pet swimming pool by PawHut is ideal for cooling down and washing dogs, or just having fun with your pets in the summer! Clever storage with special space-saving foldup design means the swimming pool can be quickly taken apart and transported.

Best Price on PawHut Pet Cat Dog Swimming Pool Indoor Outdoor Bathing Tub Foldable Inflate Outdoor Summer Bath (?100 x 30H (cm), Blue)

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PRICE: £26.99
WAS: £44.99

Made from high-quality environmentally friendly PVC material which is harmless to all animals. Refreshing to cool down on hot days, this inflatable swimming pool for dogs is strong and capable of withstanding abuse. No foot pump is required as support planks and tough plastic base will hold the swimming pool in position. We used this swimming pool with our German Shepards and Spaniels and they loved it!

Large Foldable Pet Swimming Pool

The total diameter of 5.2ft (63 inches) means this is a large dog pool with plenty of room for a doggy paddle!

Best Price on Femor Largest Foldable Pet Dogs Cats Paddling Pool Puppy Swimming Bathing Tub (L/160 × 30cm / 63" D x 12" H)

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PRICE: £36.99
WAS: £39.99

One of the largest dog swimming pools available and great value for money. Constructed using non-toxic PVC material completely safe for all pets. Extra-tough and durable this pet bathing pool is ideal for large dogs above 100Kg. Special space-saving foldable design can be quickly assembled and disassembled so it is easily transportable and can be taken with you on summer trips. Multi-purpose functionality means dog bathing pool can be doubled up and used as a bathtub or play pit for kids. Screw seal located on the side can be used for quick easy drainage.

Pecute Paddling Pool for Pets & Kids

Cool down your dogs in the summer heatwave and fit the kids in!

Best Price on Pecute Paddling Pool for Pets & Kids Medium 80x20cm,Sturdy Foldable Dog Swimming Pool Bathtub Non-Slip Children Ball Pits Kids Paddling Bathing Pool For Garden Patio Bathroom (Bonus-Pet Bath Brush)

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PRICE: £19.99

Suitable for use as a bathing tub for washing your pet or a pool for cooling down and chilling in the heat. Multi-purpose space-saving design with internal bumps to prevent your pet slipping and knocking themselves during wash time or playing with dog water toys. Completely scratch proof material means no leaks and high-strength compression wood boards keep the dog paddling pool sturdy so it will not collapse. Fine workmanship with a non-slip interior to prevent accidents. Available in three different sizes depending on the size of your pooch. Made in the UK and comes with a one-year guarantee.

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Best Water Toys for Dogs


If your dog enjoys playing in the water and getting wet then summer is the time and these toys will be a huge hit! Especially for water-loving dogs such as Labradors, Spaniels and Retrievers who just beg to get soaked! Perfect for just having fun or for training retrieval skills in the water.

If you want to teach your pet how to swim or just get a little wet, water toys for dogs are the ideal motivational tool. Water toys come in different forms with sinking dog toys for those who like to swim underwater and floating dog toys for those who prefer paddling on the surface. Water-friendly toys are tons of fun for dogs and to make sure you get the most out of your dog days at the beach, lakeside or dog swimming pool we have included our best picks below:

All Paws Dog Water Fountain

Freshwater for your dog at the push of a paw! The problem with conventional dog water bowls is that they run out, and on a hot summers day if your furry friend is stuck in the garden this dog water fountain provides direct access dogs can use by themselves.

Best Price on All For Paws Chill Out Dog Garden Water Fountain

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PRICE: £16.70
WAS: £26.99

All for Paws garden water fountain for dogs is easy to use and has a convenient rubber surface on the level so your puppies paws don’t slide about. Just connect to a standard garden hoselock and your pooch will have fresh water whenever they need it, for however long they need it! The harder they press, the faster the water comes out. Great for chilling out, cooling down and having fun in the hot summer months.

Two-in-one Jumbler Dog Ball

Twice the interactive fun for half the price. Doggies love this two-in-one squeaker and tumbling water toy by KONG that entices play.

Best Price on KONG - Jumbler Football - Interactive Fetch Dog Toy with Tennis Ball - For Medium/Large Dogs (Assorted Colours)

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PRICE: £10.18
WAS: £11.43

Due to the special rugby ball handle design picking up the toy is easy and it can certainly withstand some abuse, sharp teeth and shaking! This is an extremely durable and sturdy dog water toy that is suitable for use on dry land as well. Available in three different sizes so you can be sure to get the most comfortable grip, depending on the size of your pooch.

NOZOMI Water Ring Toy

A popular dog frisbee toy that can be used on water and land. Great for playing catch, tug of war, water retrieval games and training. The NOZOMI dog ring toy floats on water so can be used safely as a dog swimming toy.

Best Price on NOZOMI Dog Toy Dog Ring Toy, Outer Diameter: 29cm/11.4in, Dog Fying Ring Dog Fying Disc, Amphibious, Dog Chew - Grinding or Cleaning Teeth, Medium and Large Dogs Toy - Green

View Treat
PRICE: £10.99
WAS: £16.99

Without a doubt one of the best water ring toys we found. A very robust toy that can withstand tough play, even for aggressive dogs like Rottweilers this water toy will last! It has completely safe and smooth edges so you don’t have to worry about getting scratched.

Chuckit! Amphibious Floating Fetch Toy

Impossible to sink in water. This floating dog toy is perfect for fetch, water retrieval and water training.

Best Price on Chuckit Amphibious Bumper 10-inch Dog Floating Fetch Toy (Colours May Vary)

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PRICE: £11.75

High visibility Chuckit! Amphibious dog toys are suitable for professional dog training in water and on land. The padded outer material is extra-tough and soft on your dog’s mouth. Can easily be carried in your dog’s mouth when swimming. Ideal for taking with you down the lakeside or beach for fun. The rope positioned at the top is ideal for tug or war games and throwing it that extra bit further!

Floating Jumbo Rope Ball

Provides hours of entertainment for your furry friend. Great for the teeth and gums, durable hygienic safe rubber dog toy that floats on water.

Best Price on Floating Ropeball - Jumbo

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PRICE: £5.32
WAS: £5.99

Much bigger than a tennis ball so small dogs might have to grab the rope. Very robust and can withstand hard use from most dogs. Suitable for professional dog training on water or dry land. The weight of the ball makes it an ideal throwing toy for dogs and it’s easy to grip when swimming. Our friends German Shepherd loves this floating dog toy in the pool.

KONG Aqua Dog Toy

A floating retrieval toy ideal for fun both in and out of water. Made from 100% extra-strong foam core that keeps this toy floating on the water surface while your dog goes and fetches it.

Best Price on KONG - Aqua - Floating Fetch Toy for Water Play - For Large Dogs

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PRICE: Check on Amazon

Great for playing games and water retrieval training. The long nylon rope means it’s easy to throw long distance (even for wimps)! A fantastic dog toy that floats however not suitable for tug of war games due to rope popping out under pressure. Due to the lightweight foam material, this floating dog toy can drift out quickly at sea, so we found it better suited for use in a dog bathing tub or swimming pool.

Chuckit! Amphibious Floating Duck Diver Ball

Another superb floating dog toy by Chuckit! Perfect for the beach or lake the high visibility colours make it extremely easy for your dog to follow.

Best Price on Chuckit! Amphibious Duck Diver Floating Ball for Dog, Medium

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PRICE: £9.95

Interactive Amphibious Duck Diver ball will fit in most ball throwers. Decent weight means the Duck Diver ball can be throw long-distance easily. Durable strong material does not tip and can withstand sharp teeth. The material has a soft consistency and is comfortable in your dog’s mouth. Suitable for small to medium sized dogs up to 15Kg.

KONG Wet Wubba Water Toy

A fabulous toy for the swimming dog by KONG. Made in the USA this pet safe dog toy floats in water, ideal for teaching your dog how to swim. The Wet Wubba is coated in wetsuit fabric neoprene material that is fast to dry when playtime comes to an end.

Best Price on KONG - WubbaTM Wet - Floating Dog Toy for Water Play and Fetching- For Large Dogs (Assorted Colors)

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PRICE: Check on Amazon

High visibility material makes it easy for your dog to find the toy in water or snow. Great for water retrieval training because of the long tails it does not drift away in the strong water current. Your dog can also grip the tails making it easier to carry in water with a closed mouth. This toy is appropriate for interactive dog games in water or dry land and is perfectly suitable for fetch and tug of war. This is a dog toy for play and is not intended for chewing sessions. Available in three different styles.

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Best Dog Treat Pouches & Training Bags


A good dog treat pouch is an essential bit of kit that will completely transform training and walks for dog owners. No more dog training treats falling apart in your pocket! A dog treat bag can safely be secured to your waist or clipped onto your belt and used to store all your favourite dog training treats, keeping them dry, extra fresh and tasty.

When it comes to selecting a suitable treat pouch you want to make sure it can be easily accessed, is secure and easy to attach. You also need to make sure the pouch is durable and that the type of dog treat bag is a suitable size for the type of snacks you want to carry. With this in mind, these are the best dog treat pouches, training bags and bum bags we found:

Waterproof Clip-On Dog Treat Bag

A large durable dog treat bag with poop bag holder is capable of storing dog toys, food and bones for various training needs. Made from waterproof nylon fabric this bag will keep all your treats and even personal belongings dry! The unique reflective strip positioned at the top of this dog training bag will keep you visible and safe when out walking your dog at night, making this treat bag one our top picks.

Best Price on lanktoo Dog Treat Pouch Bag with Poop Bag Holder, Waterproof Puppy Training Walking Bag W/Shoulder Strap, Waist Belt and Clip, Easily Carrying Dog Toys, Food (Black+Orange)

View Treat
PRICE: £8.99
WAS: £22.99

Perfect sized bag to fit all your dog training toys and treats. Easy access with convenient drawstring and built-in poop bag holder so you can quickly dispense waste bags (20 free bags included). You can wear this dog treat bag by attaching it to your waist belt using metal belt clip or by carrying it across your shoulder using the long adjustable shoulder strap supplied. Made from high-quality fabric material with two zipped pockets and mesh pouch ideal for storing your keys or cash.

Silicone Magnetic Dog Treat Pouch

Completely safe dog treat bags are made from special food grade silicon resin to ensure long-lasting durability and anti-corrosion. Simple to use, lightweight and conveniently attaches to your belt, trousers or pockets using a portable clip for ease of access. This is the dog treat bag with magnetic closure, making it more accessible than any other dog treat pouch available.

Best Price on Petacc Dog Treat Bag Silicone Dog Training Bag Portable Dog Treat Pouch with Magnetic Closing and Waist Clip (Blue)

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PRICE: £9.99

The pouch automatically closes shut with a magnet fitted inside so you can quickly access treats one-handed. Ideal for training and playing with your dog outside. If your pup likes wet food then you will find this treat bag easy to clean with its large opening allowing direct access inside. Out of all the dog treat bags we tried, we found the Petacc portable pouch one of the easiest to use and the special opening design makes it really fast to reward your pet.

Dog Treat Pouch Bag with Built-in Poop Bag Holder & Water Bowl

The ultimate dog treat pouch with space for treats, toys, poop bags, a water bowl and there is even space for your stuff as well! Two zip pockets on the outside are quick and easy to access so you can store your mobile phone and other personal belongings while out walking your dog.

Best Price on Dog Treat Pouch Bag with Poop Bag Holder & Collapsible Travel Food Storage Water Pet Bowl - FREE Doggie Clicker - Puppy Training Walking Bag with Built-In Poo Waste Bags Dispenser - Adjustable Belt

View Treat
PRICE: £11.75

Made from high-quality waterproof nylon fabric with reinforced zippers and super easy to clean with a removable inner section that pulls out. Treat pouch can be attached to your belt using a secure belt clip or worn over the shoulder using an adjustable strap. This is more than just a bag, comes with collapsible dog water bowl with carabiner and a dog clicker device for professional training.

Pro Training Neoprene Dog Treat Bag

Professional training pouch with Neoprene opening for quick and easy access to treats.

Best Price on TRIPLE CROWN Pro Training Neoprene Treat Toy Pouch Adjustable Strap for Pet Dogs

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PRICE: £16.00

Front zip pocket will ensure your treats are safe and do not fall out. One of the best things about this bum bag is that you can run, jump about or bend over when training and your dogs treats will be secure inside. No need for a belt or tight sturdy trousers like you need with a regular treat bag, you can even wear this in your pyjamas! A very well made neoprene dog training bum bag that is durable and built to last. Machine washable and can be hung out to dry. Holds all your treats, poop bags and even room for your mobile phone.

CLIX Practical Treat Bag

The brand CLIX is a professional training range designed to aid with training dogs and puppies. The large opening allows fast access to treats with a magnetic closure meaning the treat bag conveniently shuts automatically, keeping your hands-free when training. A drawstring closure can also be pulled tight to further secure treats from sneaky dogs who like to try and help themselves, or during active training to prevent treats from falling out!

Best Price on COA Treat Bag, Purple

View Treat
PRICE: £5.77

We love the CLIX dog training bag due to its small portable size and side attachments for dog training accessories such as whistles or a water bottle. There is a zipped pocket on the reverse side so you can safely store any valuables. Pockets are the perfect size to carry just the right amount of your dogs favourite pedigree biscuits or any other suitable treats.

Well-made dog training treat pouch that clips onto your belt or bag and does not fall off when running. Can be used to store both wet and dry dog training snacks. Available in Red, Purple and Camouflage.

Small Sized Mini Dog Snack Bag

The smallest dog treat bag we tried was the mini snack bag by Trixie. Due to its small size, the dog bag is very portable and lightweight, making it easy to secure onto your waist with an attachment hook allowing fast access to treats when training your dog.

Best Price on Dog Activity Mini Snack Bags, 7 X 9 Centimeter Assorted Colours

View Treat
PRICE: £3.29

Due to the size of this bag, it is only suitable for carrying small dog treats on short trips. Made from nylon fabric the bag is strong and durable. The mini dog snack bag is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth so you can kill any dangerous bacteria. To fasten the pouch just pull the drawstring and your treats are safe. Well made little snack bag available in a range of different colours (Green, Purple, Black and Red).

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Our Favorite Pedigree Dog Biscuits


The Pedigree company has a long history of producing a variety of pet foods designed for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes, in a range of delicious flavours. From nutritious mixers and tasty marrowbone-filled treats to dental dog treats and chews to keep your dog’s teeth healthy, they will have a tasty snack or food to help make your dog happier and healthier. ‘Throwable’ treats like Markies help to make treat time fun-and-games time too!

Pedigree Biscrok Milky Dog Treats

These natural dog treats developed by nutritionists and vets at the Waltham Centre have a delicious milky taste.

Best Price on Pedigree Biscrok - Milky Biscuits Dog Treats, 350 g (Pack of 12)

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PRICE: Out of stock

They also have omega 3, vitamins and minerals for a healthy immune system and strong bones. Tasty dog treats that contain no artificial colours or flavours. Low fat, and made without any artificial flavours or colours, they are a delicious, nutritious treat your dog will love. You can use the handy feeding guide on the packet to ensure that no matter how much your dog loves them, you won’t give them too many!

Schmackos Dog Treats with Beef

Tasty, tender dog treats free from artificial flavouring and colours.

Best Price on Pedigree Schmackos Dog Treats

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PRICE: Check on Amazon

These Pedigree treats for dogs are soft, delicious strips that can be torn into smaller pieces or gobbled down whole! Developed with nutritionists and vets, they contain vitamins, omega 3 and minerals, including calcium, for a healthy immune system and strong bones. Also available in chicken or lamb flavours, or as a variety pack. Which flavour will your dog like best?

Dentastix Daily Oral Care for Medium Dogs (10-25 kg)

Popular dental dog treats that can be given to your dog daily to help reduce tartar and plaque build-up while freshening their breath.

Best Price on Pedigree Dentastix - Daily Dental Care Chews, Medium Dog Treats from 10-25 kg, 10 Bags (10 x 180 g/Total of 70 Sticks)

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PRICE: Check on Amazon

Developed by vets and nutritionists, these Pedigree dog chews are a healthy choice for your dog, as they are low calorie, low fat and contain no added sugar. A delicious, chewy treat containing meat, vegetable and cereal ingredients, without any artificial flavours or colours. Only suitable for dogs over 4 months old and weighing at least 25kg. Also available in varieties suitable for small or large dogs.

Mixer Original Biscuits

A tasty complementary food designed to be mixed with your dog’s pouches, canned food or other wet food.

Best Price on Pedigree Mixer Original, 10 kg

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PRICE: £13.99

This Pedigree mixer contains vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to for a healthy immune system, skin and coat, and strong bones and teeth. The whole grain wheat will release its energy slowly, helping your dog stay full of bounce right through the day. While wet foods are essential for their moisture content, it’s also important that your dog has a dry food like this every day, as chewing it will clean their teeth in a way that their wet food can’t.

Biscrok Gravy Bones Biscuit Treats

These tasty Pedigree dog biscuits are made without any artificial colours or flavours.

Thanks to the nutritional and veterinary team at The Waltham Centre, these crunchy dog treats contain omega 3 and the right vitamins and minerals to keep your dog’s immune system and bones strong. A feeding guide on the packaging will help ensure you give your dog just the right number of treats for their size. The gravy bones variety contains three delicious flavours: chicken (white bones), beef (brown bones) and lamb (red bones). Which will be your dog’s favourite? If they want a change, they could try Pedigree’s Milky Biscuit flavour instead.

Pedigree Markies Dog Biscuits with Marrowbone

If your dog looks longingly at your sausage roll as you eat it, Markies could be the ideal treat!

Best Price on Pedigree Markies - Biscuits Dog Treats with Marrowbone, 12.5 kg

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PRICE: £31.25
WAS: £41.29

Unlike a sausage roll, these meaty rolls are firm enough to throw or roll and great for play time. These crunchy Pedigree biscuits for dogs have a tasty, meaty, marrowbone centre and contain no artificial flavours or colours. What they do contain is the right blend of Omega 3, vitamins and minerals to help boost your dog’s immune system and keep their bones healthy.  A fun, delicious, nutritious treat! Only suitable for dogs over 9 months old and 10kg in weight. Also available in mini size.

Pedigree Markies Minis Dog Treats

These mini, meaty rolls make ideal dog training treats.

Best Price on Pedigree Markies Minis - Biscuits Dog Treats Filled Rolls with Marrowbone, for Small Dogs, 5 Bags (5 x 1.5 kg)

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PRICE: Out of stock

They’re delicious, bite-sized Pedigree dog treats that are crunchy on the outside and full of tasty marrowbone on the inside. Thanks to the team of vets and pet nutritionists at the Waltham Centre, they are natural dog treats with added vitamins, minerals and omega 3 for strong bones and immunity, made with no artificial colours or flavours. Suitable for adult dogs. Also available in a larger size that’s ideal for use in throwing games!

Pedigree Chewy Slices with Beef

Tasty, chewy, meaty treats developed with vets and pet nutritionists. These beef flavour slices contain omega 3, vitamins and minerals, including calcium, for strong bones and teeth and great overall health. 

Best Price on Pedigree Tasty Bites - Dog Treats Chewy Slices with Beef 155 g (Pack of 8)

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The packaging includes specific feeding instructions for dogs of different sizes to help you give these to your dog as part of a balanced diet.

The range is from one slice per day for toy dogs (2-3 kg) to up to ten slices per day for large dogs (26 kg+),  but your dog’s main meals should be reduced in proportion. These Pedigree dog treats are packaged in a resealable bag to retain freshness and should be used within 2 weeks of opening. Suitable for puppies and dogs aged 9 months or over. Tasty Bites are also available in Cheesy Bite flavour and if your dog prefers chicken, they can choose from Tasty Bites Chewy Cubes or Crunchy Pockets.

Tasty Bites Dog Treats with Chicken

Developed by a team of nutritionists and vets, these delicious Pedigree dog treats have added Omega 3, vitamins and minerals, meaning they help to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Best Price on Pedigree Tasty Bites Dog Treats Crunchy Pockets with Chicken, 95 g (Pack of 8)

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With a crispy outside, a tasty centre and a yummy chicken flavour, your dog will be begging for more. Just make sure you follow the included feeding guidelines for your dog’s size and adapt the size of their main meals as necessary. Toy dogs (2-3 kg) can have up to three pockets per day, while the maximum recommended daily treats are 22 – but only for large dogs weighing 25kg+! These treats come in a handy resealable bag to lock in freshness. If your dog is a fan of chicken, they can try Pedigree Tasty Bites Chewy Cubes too.

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Best Liver Dog Treats


Liver dog treats can be a healthy, nutritious snack for your dog. Liver is high in protein and vitamin A—in fact, it is so high in Vitamin A that your dog shouldn’t have it every day, as overdosing on Vitamin A can cause health issues, so limit it to 2 or 3 times a week. Liver is also a good source of B vitamins, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, amino acids and important minerals such as copper, iron, niacin, phosphorus and zinc. The other great thing about liver dog treats is that dogs usually go mad for the taste, making liver pastes ideal for tricking/persuading your dog into taking worming tablets or other medications!

PetPäl TuboSnack Liver Paste For Dogs

These Natural dog treats give you the assurance that you’re giving your dog a high quality snack without artificial ingredients and fillers.

Best Price on PetPäl Liver Paste For Dogs "TuboSnack" | Premium Liver Treats For Your Dog | Natural Dog Snack Also Great for Puppies - Made in Germany | Grain Free | Easy to Dose

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PRICE: £8.97
WAS: £9.97

This liver paste, made in Germany with human food grade meat, liver, rapeseed oil, vegetables & herbs, couldn’t be more natural! It’s a tasty treat ideal for disguising medicines and for use with treat dispensing dog toys. The tube dispenser prevents mess and makes portion control easy. It’s suitable for dogs and puppies and is gluten-free, hypoallergenic and free from added sugar and salt, making it a great choice for dogs with allergies or intolerances.

Barker and Barker Little Liver Dog Treats – 450 treat tub

These snacks smell and taste delicious, plus they’re low fat and low calorie, so they make ideal dog training treats.

Best Price on Barker and Barker 450 Little Liver Dog Training Treats

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PRICE: £5.95

They are free from cereal, grain and additives, and made from human grade meat. Produced with a special compression technique, these liver training treats won’t crumble and their small size makes them suitable for both dogs and puppies over 8 weeks old. They are not suitable for Dalmatians due to that breed’s specific dietary issues.

Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Treats: Dried Liver Dog Treats & Storage Tin

Treat your dog to these treats and you’re treating other dogs too, as for every packet sold, a packet is donated to one of nearly 200 dog rescue homes nominated by customers.

Best Price on 5 X Dried Liver Dog Treats & Storage Tin

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PRICE: £19.00

These British handmade dog treats are super tasty liver treats that your dog will love. Made from 100% air-dried fresh, free range ox liver, with nothing else added—so they’re a healthy, natural snack for your dog. This single ingredient formula makes them ideal for dogs on diets for intolerances.

Pet Munchies Liver and Chicken Training Treat

These chicken and liver training treats are tasty, protein-rich,100% natural treats for dogs and puppies over 3 months old.

Best Price on Pet Munchies Training Treat Liver & Chicken 8x50gm

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PRICE: £12.24

Free from soya, wheat, gluten, and artificial additives, these delicious treats contain roasted beef liver and chicken breast with added albumen, glycerin, starch, salt. Also available in chicken, duck, venison and sushi flavours.

Feelwells Semi Moist Liver Training Treats

Tasty liver training treats made with dried chicken liver and oats.

Best Price on Feelwells Semi Moist Liver Training Treats (Pack of 7)

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PRICE: £12.61
WAS: £13.14

These semi-moist treats are oven-baked for a great flavour and texture, without wheat, wheat gluten or any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They contain vitamins A,D and E and minerals, including zinc and calcium, to help keep your canine companion in good health and promote bone strength. Suitable for dogs and puppies 10 weeks old and over.

Barker and Barker Little Liver Dog Treats – 2500 treat pouch

Tasty liver training treats for dogs that won’t crumble in your pocket or dog treat pouch.

Best Price on Barker and Barker 2500 Little Liver Dog Training Treats - pouch

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PRICE: £18.95

They’re supplied in a resealable pouch to lock in freshness. These snacks are low fat and low calorie, so ideal for training sessions with dogs that need to lose a few pounds! Grain-free, soya-free, cereal-free treats that are small enough to give your dog as a regular snack. However, don’t let their small size fool you: they’ve full of flavour and packed with the natural goodness of pork liver. Suitable for dogs and puppies 8 weeks old and over. Not suitable for Dalmatians.

Arden Grange Premium Liver Paste Dog Treat

Dogs with allergies and intolerances often fare better with hypoallergenic dog treats.

Best Price on 3 x 75gram Arden Grange Liver Paste Dog Treat

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PRICE: £8.95

This delicious treat is a hypoallergenic liver paste that’s great for use with treat dispensing toys and very handy for concealing medicines that your dog isn’t keen to take! Portion control is easy thanks to the tube, allowing you to squeeze out just the right amount. Dogs usually love the smell and taste of liver, so this paste of pork, pork liver and parsley makes a great liver training treat; they’ll do anything for more!

Thrive ProReward 100% Liver Treats for Dogs

These tasty liver dog treats come in a handy tube for easy transport.

Best Price on Thrive ProReward 100% Liver Treats for Dogs - 500g MaxiTube

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PRICE: £30.81

Made from 100% human grade freeze-dried beef liver, they smell amazing. They’re a low fat, wheat and gluten-free treat, making them a good choice for dogs with gluten intolerance or wheat allergy. With no added colours, sugar, preservatives, fillers or artificial flavours, they are a healthy, natural treat for your dog.

Davies Dried Liver Sizzlers Dog Treat

Delicious, crispy, liver dog chews made from dried liver.

Packed with protein for building muscle and strength, and natural oils for healthy skin and a shiny coat. These treats are gluten-free, so ideal for your dog if they have gluten intolerance or sensitive digestion. They can be given to your dog to chew as they are or cut up for a  smaller treat.

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Training Treats for Dogs


If your dog jumps up at everyone, pulls on the lead, barks constantly or uses the corner of every room as a toilet, they won’t be popular with your family and friends—and nor will you! That won’t make either you or your dog happy, so training your dog is essential. They won’t understand what you want them to do or why, so getting cross with them is counter-productive; instead, you need to reward good behaviour with lots of fuss, strokes, praise and, of course, edible treats.

Dog training treats need to be healthy so that you can use them frequently as rewards without worrying about damaging your dog’s health or making them gain weight. Here’s a great selection of healthy, delicious training treats and useful accessories for your dog training sessions.

Healthy Hounds Dog Training Treats – Chicken, Duck & Turkey

These UK-made hypoallergenic dog treats are made from 80% fresh poultry meat (chicken, duck and turkey) and 20% potato & chicken gravy.

Best Price on Healthy Hounds Grain Free Dog Training Treats - 800 Tasty & Healthy Treats for Dogs- 80% Fresh Poultry Meat, 20% Potato & Gravy - Hypoallergenic Treats for Dogs & Cats with Sensitive Stomachs

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PRICE: £8.95

They are gluten-free and grain-free, with no artificial additives, colours or preservatives.  Small and crunchy, they make great dog training treats and are ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs or dietary intolerances. A healthy dog treat that comes with a full money back guarantee—which you’re almost guaranteed not to need!

Healthy Hounds Grain Free Dog Training Treats – Fish Flavour

Made without any artificial additives or preservatives, these tasty, gluten-free, grain-free dog treats are a great choice if your dog has sensitive digestion.

Best Price on Healthy Hounds Grain Free Dog Training Treats 500g 80% Fresh Fish, 20% potatoes, sweet potato and gravy - 2 Tasty Packs of approx 1000 - Contain Omega 3, 6, 9 for skin, coat and joints (2 x 500g)

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PRICE: £14.69

Made from just 6 natural ingredients, these snacks contain 80% fresh steamed fish (salmon, trout, whitefish and salmon stock) and 20% vegetables (potato and sweet potato). They’re a great source of omega  3, 6 and 9 for healthier skin, coat and joints. Their small size and crunchy texture make them ideal training treats for dogs.

Pedigree Tasty Bites Cheesy Nibbles with Cheese & Beef

Want to give your dog a change from crunchy, all-meat treats?

Best Price on Pedigree Dog Treats - Tasty Bites Cheesy Nibbles with Cheese and Beef, 140 g (Pack of 8)

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PRICE: Check on Amazon

These delicious snacks do contain beef, but mostly, they’re cheesy and soft! Developed by vets and nutritionists, they contain omega 3 and essential vitamins and minerals to keep your dog’s joints, bones, skin, coat and immune system healthy. With no artificial flavours or colours, they’re perfect training treats for your dog.

Mikki Trick & Treat Deluxe Training Bag

A really useful accessory for your dog training session.

Best Price on Mikki Training Deluxe Treat Bag, Allows Single Handed Access to Your Dog Training Treats, Adjustable Strap, Washable Internal Pouch, Easy Close Treat Pouch, Extra Pockets and D Rings for Keys

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PRICE: £6.99

This handy bag for your dog training treats is attached to an adjustable belt strap with additional pockets. This allows you to carry a whistle, clicker or personal items with you, leaving your hands free to use training tools, hold your dog’s lead or give out treats. And there’s no more mess in your pocket from crumbly or oily dog treats! The treat pouch has an easy close fastening so that you can open it with one hand, and it’s removable for easy washing.

Bounce and Bella Dog Clicker with Poultry Training Treats

A great double act: a sturdy clicker to grab your dog’s attention with a clear, audible click and a pack of delicious, healthy training treats for your dog.

Best Price on Dog Clicker with Poultry Training Treats - One Clicker (random colour) and One 500g Poultry Treat pk

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PRICE: £10.99

You’ll receive a free PDF after your purchase that will help you use your clicker and treats to train your dog kindly and effectively. The grain-free, gluten-free dog treats simply contain chicken, duck, turkey, gravy and potatoes, with no artificial additives, preservatives or added sugar. These healthy ingredients, together with their small size, make these snacks ideal training treats for dogs.

Bounce and Bella Grain Free Dog Training Treats – Poultry

Delicious hypoallergenic dog treats that are ideal for dog training sessions.

Best Price on Bounce and Bella Grain Free Dog Training Treats - 800 Tasty & Healthy Treat Pack - 80% Fresh Poultry Meat, 20% Potatoes & Gravy - Hypoallergenic Treats for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

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PRICE: £8.99

These treats are gluten-free and grain-free, making them a good choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Made without artificial additives and preservatives – just tasty poultry, potato and gravy – these small, healthy snacks make great dog training treats, as they can be given regularly without your dog piling on the pounds. Reward your dog with these tasty chicken, duck and turkey flavoured treats and they will do anything for you!

Wagg Training Treats With Chicken, Beef and Lamb

These tasty Wagg training treats are suitable for puppies and dogs 8 weeks old and over.

Best Price on Wagg Training Treats With Chicken, Beef and Lamb 125 g (Pack of 7)

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PRICE: £9.25

Oven baked, with delicious, chicken, beef and lamb and added minerals and vitamins A, D3 and E, for a healthier, happier dog. Their small size makes them ideal for training sessions. Also available in chicken & cheese flavour.

Feelwells Healthy Natural Training Treats – Liver

Oven baked, tasty liver dog treats with no wheat, wheat gluten, or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Best Price on Feelwells Semi Moist Liver Training Treats (Pack of 7)

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PRICE: £12.61
WAS: £13.14

These semi-moist snacks are made with oats and chicken liver, with added vitamins and minerals for healthier dogs. Suitable for dogs and puppies 10 weeks months old and over. Packaged in a handy resealable bag to lock in freshness.

JR Products Pure meat Training Treats variety bundle

Variety is the spice of life, so don’t let your dog get bored with one flavour of treat.

Best Price on 100% Pure dried fresh meat Training Treats for dogs 3 x 85g variety bundle (Chicken Duck & Rabbit)

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PRICE: £13.99

With this variety bundle, your dog can enjoy delicious chicken, duck and rabbit flavours. Grain-free, gluten-free and made from pure, air-dried meat with no artificial additives or preservatives, these are ideal training treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Coachies Puppy Training Treats, Bulk Buy Pack

At just one calorie per treat, these tasty, oven-baked snacks make great training treats.

Best Price on BULK BUY - 8 packs Coachies Puppy Training Treats (Pack Size: 200g Packet) - Great for dog training classes

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PRICE: £21.92

They’re made without artificial colours or flavours and with no added sugar. Coachies treats are semi-moist and suitable for dogs 8 weeks old or over. They’re full of chicken deliciousness and the vitamins and minerals your dog needs for strong bones and good health.

Pet Munchies Liver and Chicken Training Treat

Low-fat, low-carb chicken and liver dog treats, made from human-grade beef liver and chicken breast.

Best Price on Pet Munchies Training Treat Liver & Chicken 8x50gm

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PRICE: £12.24

These yummy treats contain no gluten, wheat or soya, so they’re great for dogs with gluten intolerance or digestive disorders. With no artificial preservatives or additives, but packed with vitamins A, D3 and E for healthy joints, coat and eyes, they’re a healthy reward for your dog. These high protein training snacks are suitable for dogs from 3 months old.

Good Boy Chewy Twists with Duck

These natural dog treats contain no artificial flavourings, gluten, cereal or wheat, so they’re perfect for dogs with intolerances or sensitive digestions.

Best Price on Good Boy Duck and Rawhide Dog Treats Chewy Twists, Pack of 10

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PRICE: £21.77
WAS: £29.99

They’re tasty treats with a chewy rawhide inner and an outer layer of duck breast for great flavour and texture. The chewy rawhide layer will help to clean their teeth and gums. High in protein and with just 2% fat, they’re a healthy training treat you can give your dog without worrying they’ll turn into a pudgy pooch! Supplied in a resealable bag to make your treats easily transportable and keep them fresh.

Barker and Barker Little Liver Training Treats

The small size and healthy, human-grade ingredients of these snacks make them ideal training treats for dogs.

Best Price on Barker and Barker 1250 Little Liver Dog Training Treats - pouch

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PRICE: £12.49

They smell delicious, taste yummy and won’t crumble in your pocket, so you and your dog will love them! At only 0.3 calories per treat, you can reward your dog again and again without worrying they’ll get tubby. Cereal and grain-free, these treats are made from pork liver and have added vitamins and minerals to help your dog live a healthy life. Suitable for dog and puppies 8 weeks old and over.

Barker and Barker Arctic Fish Training Treats

Small, tasty, crumble-free fish treats ideal for dog training sessions.

Best Price on Barker and Barker Low Fat Dog Training Treats 300 Small Arctic Fish Treat pot

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PRICE: £5.95

Grain-free, cereal-free snacks that are low in fat and salt and only 0.4kcal each, making them a healthy treat for all dogs and ideal for those with intolerances or allergies. Made from Norwegian Arctic cod with added minerals and Brewer’s Yeast, a great source of the B vitamins your dog needs for energy and a healthy nervous system. Suitable for dogs and puppies 8 weeks old and over.

Barker and Barker Training Treats Variety Selection

Don’t make your dog choose their favourite Barker and Barker treats, because how can they?

Best Price on Barker and Barker Low Fat Dog Training Treats Multi Treats Selection 6 Pots of SMALL treats

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PRICE: £23.95

They all smell and taste delicious! Buy them this selection pack and they can enjoy liver, liver and blueberry, garlic & liver treats, cranberry & liver, Arctic fish, and fruit & veg flavour treats. Every flavour is low calorie, low in fat, cereal and grain-free, and packed with vitamins and minerals – so they’re healthy treats ideal for dogs with intolerances or sensitive tummies. These small, crumble-free treats are ideal dog training treats and suitable for puppies and dogs 8 weeks old and over.

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Safe Hypoallergenic Treats


Just like humans, dogs need food that’s delicious and nutritious, helping to keep them happy and healthy. And also just like humans, some dogs have allergies, intolerances or digestive disorders that mean they need foods specially designed for their needs, including Coeliac Disease (an inability to break down gluten that can lead to serious health issues). Luckily, these days there’s a wide range of tasty hypoallergenic treats for dogs, so you can pamper your pooch safe in the knowledge that the snacks you’re giving them won’t be making them unwell.

100g Rabbit Ears With Hair

These gluten-free, grain-free dog treats might not appeal to you, with their fresh-from-the-rabbit look, but they will appeal to your dog!

Best Price on J R Pet Products 100g Rabbit Ears With Hair Natural Hypoallergenic Dog Treat Chew Grain & Gluten Free

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PRICE: £4.99

They are low-fat (making them a healthier alternative to pigs’ ears) and naturally hypoallergenic, as they have one simple ingredient: rabbit. Air-dried, with proven natural worming properties and no odour, they’re a great choice for your dog. Chewing these rabbit ears will also help your dog keep their teeth clean, which can, in turn, prevent dental problems and doggy breath.

Bone Hypoallergenic Dog Treats – Fish

Tasty fish treats for dogs, made in Great Britain and developed by top canine nutritionists in Europe.

Best Price on Hypoallergenic Dog Treats - Fish (200g)

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PRICE: £4.25
WAS: £4.75

These crunchy, hypoallergenic dog treats are cereal free, grain-free and made without any artificial colours or flavours. With 80% freshly prepared fish (salmon, trout and white fish), plus potato and sweet potato, these treats are a delicious, nutritious snack for your dog. That means they can be given at any time as part of a balanced diet.

Bounce & Bella Dog Treats – Poultry flavour

These gluten-free, grain-free dog treats are made from poultry, gravy, potatoes and nothing else, making them ideal hypoallergenic treats for dogs with gluten intolerance or a sensitive digestive system.

Best Price on Bounce and Bella Grain Free Dog Training Treats - 800 Tasty & Healthy Treat Pack - 80% Fresh Poultry Meat, 20% Potatoes & Gravy - Hypoallergenic Treats for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

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PRICE: £8.99

Grain fillers can make food harder to digest for all dogs and increase the risk of doggy breath. Tasty, crunchy snacks containing 80% fresh poultry (chicken, turkey and duck) and 20% potatoes and gravy, without an artificial additive in sight! They’re naturally high in omega 3, which helps to prevent shedding and promote healthy skin and a healthy, shiny coat. Purchasers receive a free ‘Training with Treats’ PDF via email, containing great training tips. Suitable for dogs with adult teeth and/or over 16 weeks old.

Bounce & Bella Hypoallergenic Dog Snacks – Fish flavour

Tasty gluten-free dog treats with omega 3 and vitamins A and D3 for healthier eyes, joints, immune system and coat.

Best Price on Grain Free Dog Training Treats - 1000 Tasty Treat Pack - 80% Steam Cooked Fish and 20% Potato & Sweet Potato - Hypoallergenic with Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamins A and D3 for Healthy Dogs (500g)

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PRICE: £8.99

Made without any grain, artificial additives or added sugar, these hypoallergenic fish treats are kinder on canine stomachs and come in a resealable bag to lock in freshness and fish odours. They’re small, delicious snacks made from 80% steam cooked fish (salmon, trout, whitefish and salmon stock) together with sweet potato and potato. Buy them by themselves or in special combination deals with a whistle, clicker, treat dispenser or treat bag.

WHIMZEES Allergy Safe Dog Treats – Toothbrush X Small

Why not buy your dog a toothbrush of their own? No brushing required, though! These fun toothbrush-shaped hypoallergenic dog chews are great dental treats for dogs, helping to freshen breath and prevent plaque and tartar build-up as your dog gnaws away at them.

Best Price on WHIMZEES Natural Dental Dog Chews Long lasting, Toothbrush X Small, 48 Pieces

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PRICE: £8.49

Long-lasting, vegetarian chews that are low fat and high in fibre, making them a healthy everyday treat even for dogs with excess weight to lose (as always, regular meals should be adjusted). They’re also grain-free, gluten-free and made without any artificial additives or GMOs, making them a good choice for dogs with digestive disorders or intolerances. Suitable for dogs 9 months and over. Available in many other sizes for different breeds of dogs, including XXS if even X Small is too big for your dog.

Arden Grange Liver Paste Dog Treat

Looking for liver treats for dogs? This is a delicious liver paste rather than a solid snack, making it ideal for disguising the sight, taste and smell of medications and a tasty addition to dispenser toys such as dispensing KONG dog toys.

Best Price on 3 x 75gram Arden Grange Liver Paste Dog Treat

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PRICE: £8.95

As it’s supplied in a tube, it’s really easy to dispense just the right amount for your dog or their dispensing toy! A great hypoallergenic training treat or a delicious snack for your adult dog, with pork, pork liver and tasty parsley.

Healthy Hounds Hypo-allergenic Treats

These small, crunchy snacks are ideal dog training treats—small and healthy enough to give regularly, and a texture that means they won’t crumble or ooze in your pocket.

Best Price on Healthy Hounds Grain Free Dog Training Treats 500g 80% Fresh Fish, 20% potatoes, sweet potato and gravy - 2 Tasty Packs of approx 1000 - Contain Omega 3, 6, 9 for skin, coat and joints (2 x 500g)

View Treat
PRICE: £14.69

Made in the UK from simple, natural ingredients with no artificial additives, these grain-free, gluten-free hypoallergenic dog treats are ideal for dogs with dietary intolerances. They contain only fresh steamed fish (salmon, trout, whitefish, salmon stock), with potato and sweet potato. They’re a natural source of omega 3, 6 and 9, so they are good for your dog’s joints, skin and coat. They’re also delicious, so your dog is bound to love them—but in the unlikely event they don’t, there’s a full money back guarantee.

Thrive ProReward Duck Treats for Dogs

These delicious, strongly-flavoured duck treats for dogs have no added sugar; no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours; no GM ingredients; no fillers; no grain or gluten; and no mechanically recovered meat.

Best Price on Thrive ProReward Duck Treats for Dogs - 60g (Pack of 4)

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PRICE: £11.96
WAS: £15.96

What they do have is 100% tasty dried duck breast. With a smell that will make your dog’s mouth water, these hypoallergenic dog treats are a great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs or dietary intolerances. They’re also low in fat, meaning that when given as part of a balanced diet, they won’t make your dog pile on the pounds.

Hills Prescription Diet Hypoallergenic Biscuits

These tasty hypoallergenic treats are suitable for dogs following Hill’s z/d, d/d, derm defence and i/d diets on a vet’s recommendation.

Best Price on Hills Prescription Diet Canine Allergies or Intolerances Food for Dogs Hypoallergenic Biscuits 1 x 220 g

View Treat
PRICE: £9.38

They have a great chicken liver taste your dog with love and have added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to boost your dog’s health, plus omega 3 and 6 for healthier skin and coat. They are scientifically proven to help reduce skin and digestive symptoms caused by food allergies.

WHIMZEES Hypoallergenic Treats, Variety Box Mixed Shapes

These durable hypoallergenic dog chews are ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies.

Best Price on Whimzees Natural Dental Dog Chew Long lasting, Variety Box Mixed Shapes, Small, 56 Pieces

View Treat
PRICE: £13.99

They’re also great dental treats for dogs, as they’re specially formulated and shaped to promote good oral health and reach areas of your dog’s mouth that are difficult to clean. This mixed pack contains Whimzees’ popular toothbrush, alligator and stix shapes to give your dog variety. With high fibre, low-fat ingredients and no artificial additives added sugar, grain or GMOs, they’re a healthy treat for your dog and can help to freshen their breath, too.