Best Dog Swimming Pools

The Best Dog Swimming Pools & Pet Safe Paddling Pools

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These dog paddling pools are a great way to have fun and stay cool in the summer. But did you know that hydrotherapy is also proven to offer therapeutic benefits to your pooch as well? Dog pools and bathing tubs can be used to rehabilitate injuries and relieve pain.

The best paddling pools for dogs are available in small, medium and large sizes to best suit your breed of dog. Some paddling pools are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Other dog pools are foldable so can be stored away conveniently and transported easily for dog vacations. All the dog pools we reviewed below are made from safe non-slip PVC material:

The 5 Top-Rated Paddling Pools for Dogs

Here are the 5 best-rated dog paddling pools that we reviewed online:

Best Overall: Pecute Foldable Pet Paddling Pool

Soak up the sun in style! Your dog will thank you for this pool. Made from high quality and durable materials, A Pecute Foldable Dog Paddling Pool is the perfect way to keep any pet cool and happy during the summer months. The pool is foldable, lightweight and comes with a convenient carrying pouch to store it away when not in use:

[amazon box=”B07MW4FG5F” title=”Pecute Foldable Dog Paddling Pool”]

Do you want to have fun with your dog? Pecute Foldable Dog Paddling Pool is the best choice for you! It has a quick drain plug, and convenient storage can be folded easily. Non-slip bottom, sturdy net and soft padded material make your pet comfortable when playing in it. In addition, it is easy to clean and store. Take it out when you wish to play with your pet!


What dog wouldn’t love to splash around in their very own pool? The Foldable Dog Paddling Pool is an innovative solution to keeping your pooch happy, healthy and cool. Available in medium, large and extra-large sizes to suit your furry friend.

When fully filled with water or sand, the bottom has a non-skid texture that won’t allow your pup to slip and slide around. When you’re ready to move or store it away, just fold it up and store it out of sight–it takes up less than half the space of traditional paddling pools! Ideal for use indoors or out, this paddling pool is suitable for both dogs and puppies.

Brand: Pecute

Editors Rating: 4.5

Key Features:

  • Safe PVC material
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Quick drain plug
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Water filling adapter included

Best Runner Up: Yaheetech Outdoor Dog Swimming Pool

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use these large dog swimming pools can be used as a bathing tub for your dogs and also for medicated bathing filled with balls or sand (not just water)!

[amazon box=”B01MR0DDQE” title=”Yaheetech Outdoor Dog Swimming Pool”]

Made from non-toxic materials and extra strong PVC composite fabric this dog swimming pool by Yaheetech is safe to use and built to withstand heavy use.


The foldable dog paddling pool is cold resistant so can even withstand snow and subzero conditions if you and your pooch fancy a dip in the cold!

The material at the bottom is made from anti-skid and wear-resistant texture on the surface to prevent dogs and children from sliding or slipping. UV protection function reduces bright light reflection and improves service life.

Dog Paddling Pool

Enjoy playing with dog water toys and encourage your dog to get wet. MDF plate and high-quality PVC compound cloth material are environmentally friendly and scratch-resistant.

Product Brand: Yaheetech

Editors Rating: 4.5

Best For Storage: Femor Non-slip Pet Paddling Pool

The total diameter of 5.2ft (63 inches) means this is a large dog pool with plenty of room for a doggy paddle!

[amazon box=”B01N33K5ZV” title=”Femor Non-slip Dog Bathing Pool”]

One of the largest dog swimming pools available and great value for money. Constructed using non-toxic PVC material completely safe for all pets. Extra-tough and durable this pet bathing pool is ideal for large dogs above 100Kg.


Special space-saving foldable design can be quickly assembled and disassembled so it is easily transportable and can be taken with you on summer trips.

Multi-purpose functionality means this dog swimming pool can be doubled up and used as a bathtub or play pit for kids. A screw seal located on the side can be used for quick easy drainage.

Best For Small Dogs: PawHut Inflatable Dog Pool

Inflatable pet swimming pool by PawHut is ideal for cooling down and washing dogs, or just having fun with your pets in the summer! Clever storage with a special space-saving foldup design means the swimming pool can be quickly taken apart and transported.

[amazon box=”B06WP589YC” title=”PawHut Inflatable Pool”]

This PawHut’s refreshing pet pool is a great choice for washing your pets. The PawHut dog paddling pool is Made from PVC using materials that are good for the environment, it is harmless to all animals. Its space-saving design when not in use can be folded and stored away with ease. Use it to bathing your pets or just on warm days to let them cool down, or even great for some water fun with your pets.


Made from high-quality environmentally friendly PVC material which is harmless to all animals. Refreshing to cool down on hot days, this inflatable swimming pool for dogs is strong and capable of withstanding abuse.

No foot pump is required as support planks and tough plastic base will hold the swimming pool in position. We used this swimming pool with our German Shepards and Spaniels and they loved it!

Best For Puppies: Pecute Dog Paddling Pool

Cooldown your dogs in the summer heatwave and fit the kids in!

[amazon box=”B07MW4ZFLB” title=”Pecute Paddling Pool”]

Completely scratch-proof material means no leaks and high-strength compression wood boards keep the dog paddling pool sturdy so it will not collapse. Fine workmanship with a non-slip interior to prevent accidents. Available in three different sizes depending on the size of your pooch. Made in the UK and comes with a one-year guarantee.


Suitable for use as a bathing tub for washing your pet or a pool for cooling down and chilling in the heat. Multi-purpose space-saving design with internal bumps to prevent your pet from slipping and knocking themselves during wash time or playing with your dog water toys.

More Swimming Pools for Dogs

Here are some more swimming pools for dogs that didn’t make our top 5 but are still worth an honourable mention:

Lunaoo Foldable Dog Pool

When the summer heat starts to get to you and your pooch, why not take him for a dip? Keep him cool and clean with the Foldable Dog Paddling Pool, a fun way to keep him active in the sun. The pool is made of thick, durable material that’s safe for dogs and comes with an inbuilt drain for quick cleaning:

[amazon box=”B083J7PK6Y” title=”Lunaoo Foldable Dog Pool”]

Lunaoo Foldable Dog Paddling Pool is a large, sturdy pool that keeps your four-legged friend cool and comfortable in the hot summer months. The pool has been designed with dogs in mind and features slip-resistant surfaces along with a unique drain plug that allows for simple drainage. It’s easy to set up and clean, making it Pawfect for use at the beach, at home or on the go!


This is the ideal dog swimming pool for your little furry friend. The Foldable Dog Pool provides hours of entertainment and exercise for your dog. Its strong and lightweight design makes it easy to store when not in use, while the in-built drain allows for fast and simple drainage when the pool has been filled with water. The Foldable Dog Pool is a fantastic way to allow your dog to have fun and stay cool during warmer months.

Fuloon Dog Paddling Pool

Suitable for dogs, puppies and even humans who fancy a paddle! The foldable paddling pool for dogs by Fuloon is available in four different sizes, ranging from 56-litre capacity up to 339-litre capacity depending on the size of your pet.

[amazon box=”B01LZ8ZPW7″ title=”Fuloon Dog Paddling Pool”]

A great alternative for washing the dog in the bath! Uses a non-slip interior pattern design to prevent pets from slipping. Constructed from strong and robust PVC material and 0.5cm thick high-strength compression boards for durability with large dogs. Available in small, medium, large and extra-large.


Not just a swimming pool for dogs, the multi-function design means this bathing tub can be used for a kids summer paddling pool, fish pond, ball pit, toy storage or sandpit – you name it! We even heard of some parents using this as a portable travel bath for their babies.

The folding design means this dog bathing pool is easy to pack away and take with you on summer vacations. Cleaning the pool and changing water is very efficient using the advanced draining system. We found it is best to position the paddling pool on a flat clean surface (even old carpet) to maximise life on all dog paddling pools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a kid’s inflatable paddling pool for my pooch?

Do not make the mistake of purchasing kids paddling pools or inflatable swimming pools for humans as they are not built to withstand sharp dog paws and heavy scratching: The materials used may be toxic and not safe to use for animals. Every dog owner we know who tried this only wasted their money and ended up buying a puncture-proof dog swimming pool instead.

What are the different types of dog swimming pools?

Both outdoor/indoor dog swimming pools are available in various sizes to suit your breed of dog. Foldable dog paddling pools can conveniently be taken apart, put into a storage bag and taken with you on camping trips or put out of sight during winter. More expensive dog swimming pools have anti-slip surfaces with UV protection material for added safety and durability. So splashing and having fun can be enjoyed by the entire family, including your pooch!

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