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The Best Pedigree Dog Biscuits

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The Pedigree company has a long history of producing a variety of pet foods designed for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes, in a range of delicious flavours. From nutritious mixers and tasty marrowbone-filled treats to Pedigree dog biscuits and chews to keep your dog’s teeth healthy, they will have a tasty snack or food to help make your dog happier and healthier. ‘Throwable’ treats like Markies help to make treat time fun-and-games time too!

The 5 Top-Rated Pedigree Biscuits For Dogs

Here are the 5 best-rated Pedigree dog biscuits:

Best Biscuit Overall: Biscrok Gravy Bone Treats

These tasty Pedigree dog biscuits are made without any artificial colours or flavours.

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Pedigree Biscrok Gravy Bones are delightfully crunchy bone-shaped dog biscuits, optimum for training and rewarding time. Choose Biscrok for a small and delicious snack designed with an extra crunch that dogs will love, good for on the go due to their size and weight.


Editors rating: 4.9

Thanks to the nutritional and veterinary team at The Waltham Centre, these best selling Pedigree dog treats contain omega 3 and the right vitamins and minerals to keep your dog’s immune system and bones strong.

A feeding guide on the packaging will help ensure you give your dog just the right number of treats for their size. The gravy bones variety contains three delicious flavours: chicken (white bones), beef (brown bones) and lamb (red bones). Which will be your dog’s favourite? If they want a change, they could try Pedigree’s Milky Biscuit flavour instead.

Best Runner Up: Pedigree Biscrok Milky Biscuits

These natural dog treats developed by nutritionists and vets at the Waltham Centre have a delicious milky taste.

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Pedigree Biscrok Gravy Bones are delightfully crunchy bone-shaped dog biscuits, optimum for training, rewarding or spoiling time. Choose Biscrok for a small and delicious snack designed with an extra crunch that dogs will love, good for on the go due to their size and weight


They also have omega 3, vitamins and minerals for a healthy immune system and strong bones. Tasty dog treats that contain no artificial colours or flavours. Low fat, and made without any artificial flavours or colours, they are a delicious, nutritious treat your dog will love. You can use the handy feeding guide on the packet to ensure that no matter how much your dog loves them, you won’t give them too many!

Best Dry Mixer: Original Pedigree Dog Biscuits

A tasty complimentary food designed to be mixed with your dog’s canned food or other wet food.

[amazon box=”B00GONS4PA” title=”Original Mixer Pedigree Dog Biscuits”]

Contains essential fatty acids, known to contribute to healthy skin and shiny coat. Contains whole-wheat as a source of complex carbohydrates for slow-release energy throughout the day. Pedigree vital protection helps keep your dog healthy and full of vitality. Pedigree dog biscuits are available in various sizes.


This Pedigree mixer contains vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to for a healthy immune system, skin and coat, and strong bones and teeth. The whole grain wheat will release its energy slowly, helping your dog stay full of bounce right through the day.

While wet foods are essential for their moisture content, it’s also important that your dog has a dry food like this every day, as chewing it will clean their teeth in a way that their wet food can’t.

Best Biscuits For Puppies: Junior Dry Food With Chicken & Rice

Tasty, tender biscuit treats for puppies. Free from artificial flavouring and colours.

[amazon box=”B01LZMMJIA” title=”Pedigree Junior Dry Food With Chicken & Rice”]

Pedigree Complete Puppy Food with Chicken and Rice is an easily digestible complete food with calcium and the antioxidant Vitamin E to provide your puppy with all the essential nutrients your puppy needs to grow strong and healthy.


These Pedigree treats for dogs are soft, delicious strips that can be torn into smaller pieces or gobbled down whole!

Best Pedigree Dog Treat: Markies Dog Biscuits with Marrowbone

If your dog looks longingly at your sausage roll as you eat it, Markies could be the ideal treat!

[amazon box=”B000UGJN3O” ]

Each treat comes with no artificial colours or flavours providing your canine with only tasty nutrients, vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 for a healthy lifestyle. Packed with dog-friendly ingredients and an ideal taste, a good reward for on the go and at home, delicious marrowbone flavour in every bite.


Unlike a sausage roll, these meaty rolls are firm enough to throw or roll and great for playtime. These crunchy Pedigree dog biscuits have a tasty, meaty, marrowbone centre and contain no artificial flavours or colours.

What they do contain is the right blend of Omega 3, vitamins and minerals to help boost your dog’s immune system and keep their bones healthy.  These are fun, delicious, Pedigree dog biscuits!

More Pedigree Dog Treats We Reviewed

Here are some more Pedigree treats for dogs we recommend:

Pedigree Gravy Bone Selection

Dogs love them and apparently some humans do as well…

[amazon box=”B01G0TESO8″ title=”Pedigree Gravy Bone Selection x3″]

Your dog will have a selection of each flavour to choose from. Milky Biscuits, Gravy Bones and Markies Marrowbone are included with this Pedigree selection pack.


The x3 most popular Pedigree dog treats are included for your dog to try. Once you find out his favourite flavour you can order them on repeat. Multi-pack includes popular Biscrok Milky Biscuits, best selling Biscrok Gravy Bones and new Markies Marrowbone.

Dentastix Daily Oral Care for Medium Dogs

Popular dental dog treats that can be given to your dog daily to help reduce tartar and plaque build-up while freshening their breath.

[amazon box=”B005FVA1DU” title=”Dentastix Daily Oral Care for Medium Dogs”]

The Kaustangen of pedigree help thanks to Abreibender texture and shape the plaque and tartar formation to reduce up to 80%. The dentastix has been developed in conjunction with veterinarians and nutrition specialists, for healthy snacks. with less fat.


Developed by vets and nutritionists, these Pedigree dental chews are a healthy choice for your dog, as they are low calorie, low fat and contain no added sugar. A delicious, chewy treat containing meat, vegetable and cereal ingredients, without any artificial flavours or colours. Only suitable for dogs over 4 months old and weighing at least 25kg. Also available in varieties suitable for small or large dogs.

Markies Minis Dog Treats

These mini, meaty rolls make ideal dog training treats.

[amazon box=”B00NA2RPJY” ]

Tantalisingly tasty bite-sized treats, Tasty Minis dog chews are great for big and small dogs This dog chew is the perfect way to reward your dog; an ideal dog treat for training. Tasty Minis Pedigree dog treats are available in Cheesy Nibbles – savoury cheese and beef in a small and soft treat that is ideal for training or simply enjoying at any time.


They’re delicious, bite-sized Pedigree dog treats that are crunchy on the outside and full of tasty marrowbone on the inside. Thanks to the team of vets and pet nutritionists at the Waltham Centre, they are natural dog treats with added vitamins, minerals and omega 3 for strong bones and immunity, made with no artificial colours or flavours. Suitable for adult dogs. Also available in a larger size that’s ideal for use in throwing games!

Pedigree Chewy Slices with Beef

Tasty, chewy, meaty treats developed with vets and pet nutritionists. These beef flavour slices contain omega 3, vitamins and minerals, including calcium, for strong bones and teeth and great overall health.

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Pedigree Tasty Minis dog treats are dog chews that contain Omega 3 to help keep them fit for life, vitamins to help maintain their natural defences and minerals including calcium to help give them strong bones. Chewy Slices with Beef – delicious treats with a delightfully chewy texture, perfect for enjoying at any time A variety of dog treats to keep your dog keen


The packaging includes specific feeding instructions for dogs of different sizes to help you give these to your dog as part of a balanced diet.

The range is from one slice per day for toy dogs (2-3 kg) to up to ten slices per day for large dogs (26 kg+),  but your dog’s main meals should be reduced in proportion.

These Pedigree dog treats are packaged in a resealable bag to retain freshness and should be used within 2 weeks of opening. Suitable for puppies and dogs aged 9 months or over. Tasty Bites are also available in Cheesy Bite flavour and if your dog prefers chicken, they can choose from Tasty Bites Chewy Cubes or Crunchy Pockets.

Tasty Bites Dog Treats with Chicken

Developed by a team of nutritionists and vets, these delicious Pedigree dog treats have added Omega 3, vitamins and minerals, meaning they help to keep your dog happy and healthy.

[amazon box=”B01IR6Z288″ ]

With a crispy outside, a tasty centre and a yummy chicken flavour, your dog will be begging for more. Just make sure you follow the included feeding guidelines for your dog’s size and adapt the size of their main meals as necessary.


These treats come in a handy resealable bag to lock in freshness. If your dog is a fan of chicken, they can try Pedigree Tasty Bites Chewy Cubes too.

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