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The Best Handmade Dog Treats

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We love handmade treats ourselves because when we hear something is handmade, we know that means it’s been made slowly and with care – that a human, not a machine, created it and did their own quality control with their eyes and hands, resulting in high quality, carefully crafted product.

Doesn’t your dog deserve treats made with that love and care too? When you give your dog a handmade treat, you’re showing you care about them, the food they eat and the gifts you buy for them. Buying handmade dog snacks for them reassures you that they’ll be getting a high-quality snack.

The Top-Rated Handmade Treats For Dogs

Here are the best-rated handmade dog treats we reviewed online:

Best Treat Overall: Challenge Handmade Fish Jerky For Dogs

These handmade natural dog treats are full of nutrients, including Omega 3 & 6,  to keep your dog’s joints and coat healthy.

[amazon box=”B00NCYKI5I” title=”Challenge Handmade Fish Jerky For Dogs”]

100% Natural made in Grimsby UK for small to medium dogs ideal for training or an everyday healthy treat or reward. Free from additives, colours and preservatives.Hypo-allergenic, free from wheat, gluten, dairy and soya. Packed with omega 3 & 6.


The abrasive texture means they are great for cleaning your dog’s teeth too, reducing tartar build-up. Made in Grimsby from responsibly sourced 100% whitefish skin.

A tasty, low-calorie fish treat that your dog will love and can enjoy every day. There are no added colours or preservatives – the only ingredient is whitefish skin, meaning they are ideal for dogs with wheat, gluten, dairy or soya intolerances or allergies.

Best Runner Up: Skippers Natural Fish Skin Chews

These handmade dog treats are full of fishy deliciousness! Made in Grimsby from sustainably sourced 100% whitefish skins, with a chewy texture that helps clean your dog’s teeth.

[amazon box=”B07JHTZH15″ title=”Skippers Natural Fish Skin Chews”]

Using only the finest quality, human-grade fish. We dry our skins the traditional way, slowly and using lower temperatures ensuring all intrinsic values are kept intact. Unlike other brands, who cook their skins, burning them and making them brittle, our chews remain long-lasting, chewy and full of goodness.


A great source of Omega 3 & 6 to help keep your dog’s skin, coat and joints healthy. High protein, low-fat natural dog treats that are an ideal daily snack for dogs with gluten intolerance or excess weight. These fish skin cubes are taste tested by real dogs and come in two sizes to suit different breeds and sizes of dog.

Best Handmade Dog Chew: Yak Chew for Dogs

Popular handmade dog treats produced in an ethical and sustainable environment. Delicious snacks made from yak milk to an ancient Himalayan recipe.

[amazon box=”B06ZYWSV95″ title=”Yak Chew for Dogs”]

Handmade from Yak & Cow Milk in the Himalayas (India). Naturally high protein & calcium. No Chemicals or Preservatives.


Naturally grain-free and gluten-free dog treats with a tasty smoked cheese flavour, ideal for dogs with gluten intolerance or a sensitive stomach. A long-lasting chew without artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

To make the last piece of the chew safer, the manufacturers recommend that when it’s small enough to swallow, it should be microwaved for 30 seconds. The end of the chew will puff up and become crunchy and can be eaten as a tasty treat once it has cooled down.

Best Long-Lasting Treat: SKIPPER’S Handmade Wolf Fish Skin Sticks

Gently air-dried dog treats handmade in the UK.

[amazon box=”B01MYOBXB5″ title=”SKIPPER’S Handmade Wolf Fish Skin Sticks”]

We gently remove moisture from our Wolf Fish Skin Sticks, leaving all of the fishy goodness intact and resulting in a more nutritionally dense treat for your dog.


The tough texture keeps teeth clean and gums healthy. Which is important for supporting healthy joints, coats, skin, heart, eyes and weight!

Personalised Treats For Dogs

Here are the best personalised dog treats we reviewed:

Cushion/Pillow Cover With Your Pet’s Name

A great, personalised dog treat for the pampered pooch in your life!

[amazon box=”B07GFK3LLL” title=”Cushion/Pillow Cover With Your Pet’s Name”]

Made of 100% grade cotton linen natural material. Dimensions: 18″ x 18″ / 45cm x 45cm (1-2cm deviation). Printing on both sides.


This high-quality pet cushion cover is machine washable on a cool setting, making it easier to keep it clean and fresh. This is a strong, heavy-duty linen cushion cover with a zip opening.

It features 2 attractive paw print designs together with the phrase ‘reserved’ above the area where your dog’s name is printed. Just fill in the details and wait for your dog’s personalised gift to arrive.

Personalised Dog Treat Bag

A lovely 100% natural cotton (Cream) drawstring bag.

[amazon box=”B0768JDZ8W” title=”Personalised Dog Treat Bag”]

Choose from three sizes. Just enter the name required exactly as you would like it printed on the bag.


A great personalised dog treat bag with your dogs name on it!

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