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Like humans, some dogs have poor tolerance of gluten or have Coeliac Disease, a condition which means they are unable to process gluten at all and can become ill if they are given foods that contain it. But also just like humans, this doesn’t mean they don’t want and deserve tasty, healthy, natural food!

These gluten-free dog treats and chews are all delicious, nutritious alternatives to low-quality dog treats bulked out with cereals, making your dog happier and healthier. The high proportion of natural, high-quality ingredients makes them a good choice for all dogs, not just those with digestive disorders.

The Top-Rated Gluten-free Treats For Dogs

Here are the best-rated gluten-free dog treats we reviewed:

Best Treat Overall: Yakers Yak Milk Dog Chew

These durable chews are gluten-free and made without preservatives. Only lime juice and a tiny amount of salt are used to coagulate the mix of yak’s milk and cow’s milk before the mixture is made into blocks and then smoke-dried for a month.

Yakers Yak Milk Dog Chew Sale

YAKERS find their origin in the hills of the Himalayas. Originally made for human consumption, they are still widely eaten by the Himalayan people and their dogs. Made from a mix of skimmed Yak and Cow milk. 100% natural long-lasting dog treat high in protein and calcium.

The Yak Milk Dog Chew is made from a traditional Himalayan recipe, Yakers are still eaten by people living in the region.

Packed with protein and high in calcium, these gluten-free dog treats are a healthy choice for your dog and ideal for your pet if they have a gluten intolerance. They will also help to combat tartar and plaque as your dog chews, helping to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Best Runner Up: Whimzees Dental Toothbrush Treats

What better way to get your dog to clean their teeth than with their own toothbrush? Don’t worry, your dog doesn’t need to hold these toothbrushes in their paws and scrub!

Whimzees Dental Toothbrush Treats

These long-lasting grain-free and gluten-free dog chews remove tartar and plaque and also freshen breath. Ideal for dogs with gluten intolerance or a sensitive stomach.

They’re delicious dental dog chews shaped like toothbrushes. Designed to get into every nook and cranny to clean your dog’s teeth and gums as they chew.

Low-fat and high-fibre, they’re also a good choice for dogs that need to lose a few pounds! Vegetarian, grain-free and gluten-free with no GMO ingredients or artificial additives, they’re a fun and healthy treat for your dog.

Not suitable for dogs under 9 months old. Also available in XXS size.

Best Gluten-free Snack For Dogs: 100g Rabbit Ears

Perhaps not ideal for bunny-loving owners, as these are complete, hairy rabbit ears that still look much as they did on the rabbit!

100g Rabbit Ears With Hair

Gluten-free, grain-free and hypoallergenic. A great low-fat sensitive alternative to the popular pigs’ ear. Perfectly air-dried, easily digestible & a clean odourless treat to have in the house.

However, your dog will love them and they are odour-free and nutritious.

These grain-free treats for dogs are lower in fat than pigs’ ears, so well suited to dogs with gluten intolerance, sensitive stomachs or excess weight.

A protein-rich, air-dried snack that will help keep your dog’s teeth clean and also has a proven worming action. They come in a resealable bag to maintain freshness.

Best Gluten-Free Training Treat: Bounce & Bella Premium Dog Treats

With no added sugar and no artificial additives, preservatives or flavourings—just natural salmon, trout, white fish, potato and sweet potato, flavoured with salmon stock.

Bounce & Bella Premium Treats For Dogs - Steamed fish with potato

A natural source of omega 3 and vitamins A and D3, which work together to promote healthy eyes, bones, teeth and coat, reducing shedding.

Delicious fish treats for dogs, made with freshly prepared steamed fish (80%), potato and sweet potato. These grain-free, gluten-free dog treats are hypoallergenic and an ideal snack for dogs with sensitive digestive systems or gluten intolerance.

These nutrients also aid the immune system to keep your dog healthier. Supplied in a resealable bag to keep your dog’s tasty treats fresh and covered by an unconditional guarantee, so you’ll receive a refund in the unlikely event your dog doesn’t like them.

You’ll also receive a free PDF on ‘Training with Treats’ shortly after your purchase has gone through. Also available in packs with a whistle, clicker, treat bag or treat dispenser.

Best Tasting Treat: JR Pet Products Fresh Meat Sticks

A great variety pack of dog treats ideal for dogs who have gluten intolerance or allergy.

JR Pet Products Fresh Meat Sticks

JR’s 100% natural Pure Range Sticks for Dogs are not only delicious but they are healthy too. Suitable for all breeds, they are a great source of protein and are perfect for training or as a guilt-free snack.

The pack includes venison dog treats alongside duck, kangaroo, lamb, rabbit, beef and chicken, and for dogs who like fish treats there’s a salmon flavour too – your dog can have a different flavour every day of the week!

Tasty, natural chews with no additives that can be given to your dog daily, or as an occasional treat.

Other Gluten-Free Treats We Reviewed

Here are some more gluten-free snacks for dogs wanted to share:

Whimzees Dog Treats – Variety Box

Popular gluten-free dental dog treats that are as fun for your dog as they are good for their health.

Whimzees Dog Treats - Variety Box

Whimzees shapes are good for a giggle, and they’re great for gnawing. Produced to human-food grade standards and made from 100% natural ingredients.

Each of the three shapes is designed to massage your dog’s mouth (encouraging good blood flow) and reach crevices in between the teeth to make sure they’re well cleaned.

By removing and preventing tartar and plaque build-up, these gluten-free dog chews promote good oral health and help to freshen your dog’s breath.

Grain-free and made to human-grade food standards without any GMOs, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours they’re also sustainably sourced and produced, so they’re good for the planet too. A great daily or occasional treat for dogs aged 9 months and over.

Natures Menu – DOG Real Meaty Dog Treats with Chicken

These gluten-free, chicken-flavour treats are packed with protein and contain 95% chicken and pork. Suitable for dogs with gluten intolerance or sensitive stomachs.

Natures Menu - DOG Real Meaty Dog Treats with Chicken Sale

The ultimate real meat training treat. Made with 95% real chicken and pork. An irresistible reward treat for dogs. Made with high-quality Chicken and Pork, Contains no artificial flavours or colours. Gluten-free.

Tasty dog training treats that are free from artificial colours and flavourings. Packaged in a handy resealable bag to lock in freshness.

Whimzees Dog Treats – Veggie Sausage

Vegetarian dental treats that will help to remove the tartar and plaque on your dog’s teeth as they chew, and freshen their breath too.

Whimzees Dog Treats - Veggie Sausage

Grain-free, gluten-free, no meat, no artificial additives; with clove bud oil for sensitive gums. A great long-lasting dog chew, 3 x longer chew time due to unique shapes & structure.

They include clove bud oil to combat bacteria and viruses, which can help to keep teeth healthy and reduce the occurrence of toothache. These durable, hypoallergenic dog chews are ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs or intolerances, as they are gluten-free and grain-free.

Also good for overweight dogs, as they are high in fibre and low in fat. Sustainably produced and delicious, they’re free from GMOs and artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

Also available in large size for bigger breeds. Suitable for dogs 9 months and over.

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