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The Best Grain-free Dog Treats

By Stuart Noble
Grain-free dog treats

Many dog treats have high quantities of various grains, as it’s a low-cost ingredient to pack out pet snacks. But many dogs have intolerances, allergies or sensitive stomachs that mean they feel better and stay healthier if they avoid products containing these bulky cereals. This selection of grain-free treats for dogs is tasty and full…

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The Best Natural Dog Treats

By Stuart Noble
Natural Dog Treats

Just like humans, dogs are at their healthiest when their diet is high in natural foods and low in processed foods. Natural treats for dogs, whether they are meat-based or vegetarian dog treats, have no artificial additives—just wholesome, nutritious ingredients. Many natural dog treats are gluten-free or grain-free too, making them ideal for dogs with…

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The Best Vegetarian & Vegan Dog Treats

By Stuart Noble
Vegetable Dog Treats

Our pooches love to get treats just as much as we do, but not all treats are made equal. Can dogs eat vegetarian food? Absolutely. But just as some people aren’t best suited for a vegetarian diet, the same is true for our pets. I’d like to share with you a few of my favourite…

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CDC Pet Food Safety: When picking the right food for your pet there are some important things to consider.

Pet Food Standard Agency: Are responsible for animal feed legislation in the UK including pet food and treats.

Welfare of Dogs: A well-balanced diet is needed for your dog to stay fit and healthy. Some dogs can also have special dietary requirements.