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Best Dog Treat Pouches & Training Bags


A good dog treat pouch is an essential bit of kit that will completely transform training and walks for dog owners. No more dog training treats falling apart in your pocket! A dog treat bag can safely be secured to your waist or clipped onto your belt and used to store all your favourite dog training treats, keeping them dry, extra fresh and tasty.

When it comes to selecting a suitable treat pouch you want to make sure it can be easily accessed, is secure and easy to attach. You also need to make sure the pouch is durable and that the type of dog treat bag is a suitable size for the type of snacks you want to carry. With this in mind, these are the best dog treat pouches, training bags and bum bags we found:

Waterproof Clip-On Dog Treat Bag

A large durable dog treat bag with poop bag holder is capable of storing dog toys, food and bones for various training needs. Made from waterproof nylon fabric this bag will keep all your treats and even personal belongings dry! The unique reflective strip positioned at the top of this dog training bag will keep you visible and safe when out walking your dog at night, making this treat bag one our top picks.

Perfect sized bag to fit all your dog training toys and treats. Easy access with convenient drawstring and built-in poop bag holder so you can quickly dispense waste bags (20 free bags included). You can wear this dog treat bag by attaching it to your waist belt using metal belt clip or by carrying it across your shoulder using the long adjustable shoulder strap supplied. Made from high-quality fabric material with two zipped pockets and mesh pouch ideal for storing your keys or cash.

Silicone Magnetic Dog Treat Pouch

Completely safe dog treat bags are made from special food grade silicon resin to ensure long-lasting durability and anti-corrosion. Simple to use, lightweight and conveniently attaches to your belt, trousers or pockets using a portable clip for ease of access. This is the dog treat bag with magnetic closure, making it more accessible than any other dog treat pouch available.

The pouch automatically closes shut with a magnet fitted inside so you can quickly access treats one-handed. Ideal for training and playing with your dog outside. If your pup likes wet food then you will find this treat bag easy to clean with its large opening allowing direct access inside. Out of all the dog treat bags we tried, we found the Petacc portable pouch one of the easiest to use and the special opening design makes it really fast to reward your pet.

Dog Treat Pouch Bag with Built-in Poop Bag Holder & Water Bowl

The ultimate dog treat pouch with space for treats, toys, poop bags, a water bowl and there is even space for your stuff as well! Two zip pockets on the outside are quick and easy to access so you can store your mobile phone and other personal belongings while out walking your dog.

Made from high-quality waterproof nylon fabric with reinforced zippers and super easy to clean with a removable inner section that pulls out. Treat pouch can be attached to your belt using a secure belt clip or worn over the shoulder using an adjustable strap. This is more than just a bag, comes with collapsible dog water bowl with carabiner and a dog clicker device for professional training.

Pro Training Neoprene Dog Treat Bag

Professional training pouch with Neoprene opening for quick and easy access to treats.

Front zip pocket will ensure your treats are safe and do not fall out. One of the best things about this bum bag is that you can run, jump about or bend over when training and your dogs treats will be secure inside. No need for a belt or tight sturdy trousers like you need with a regular treat bag, you can even wear this in your pyjamas! A very well made neoprene dog training bum bag that is durable and built to last. Machine washable and can be hung out to dry. Holds all your treats, poop bags and even room for your mobile phone.

CLIX Practical Treat Bag

The brand CLIX is a professional training range designed to aid with training dogs and puppies. The large opening allows fast access to treats with a magnetic closure meaning the treat bag conveniently shuts automatically, keeping your hands-free when training. A drawstring closure can also be pulled tight to further secure treats from sneaky dogs who like to try and help themselves, or during active training to prevent treats from falling out!

We love the CLIX dog training bag due to its small portable size and side attachments for dog training accessories such as whistles or a water bottle. There is a zipped pocket on the reverse side so you can safely store any valuables. Pockets are the perfect size to carry just the right amount of your dogs favourite pedigree biscuits or any other suitable treats.

Well-made dog training treat pouch that clips onto your belt or bag and does not fall off when running. Can be used to store both wet and dry dog training snacks. Available in Red, Purple and Camouflage.

Small Sized Mini Dog Snack Bag

The smallest dog treat bag we tried was the mini snack bag by Trixie. Due to its small size, the dog bag is very portable and lightweight, making it easy to secure onto your waist with an attachment hook allowing fast access to treats when training your dog.

Due to the size of this bag, it is only suitable for carrying small dog treats on short trips. Made from nylon fabric the bag is strong and durable. The mini dog snack bag is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth so you can kill any dangerous bacteria. To fasten the pouch just pull the drawstring and your treats are safe. Well made little snack bag available in a range of different colours (Green, Purple, Black and Red).