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As most dog owners and sitters know, a decent dog treat pouch is an essential bit of kit that will transform training and walks. Designed to make life easier for both you and your dog, training bags and treat pouches have a wide range of uses including a fun way to reward good behaviour, or simply as a way to carry food around during your day.

The best dog treat bags can be worn with a strap over your shoulder or waist. A dog treat pouch can safely be secured to your waist or clipped onto your belt and used to store all your favourite dog training treats, keeping them extra fresh, and tasty.

When it comes to selecting a suitable dog treat bag you want to make sure it can be easily accessed, is well secure, and easy to attach. You also need to make sure the pouch is durable and that the type of dog treat pouch is a suitable size for the type of snacks you want to carry.

The 5 Top-Rated Dog Treat Bags

These are the best dog treat pouches, training bags, and bum bags we reviewed online:

Best Overall: Pet Room Dog Treat Pouch

Life keeps getting busier, and we keep finding new ways to make sure our beloved pets get the attention they deserve.

Dog Treat Bag from Pet Room

Made from 600D oxford material, lightweight and durable, large capacity design. Hands-free design helps dog owners to enjoy a more convenient and pleasant walking experience with their favourite pet.

The Pet Room Dog Treat Bag can be used for dog training or even as a regular dog bag for storing your dog training snacks. It has a large main pocket and an inner small pocket, which is good enough for holding car keys, cards, and other small items.

Dog Treat Bag

Keep your pet close by with a Pet Room dog treat bag. It’s the Pawfect hands-free way to give your pup some well-deserved love while you’re at the park, or out on a run. It also features a poop bag dispenser so you can easily carry dog poop bags to pick up after your furry friend!

Key Features:

  • Waterproof & durable
  • Silicon poop bag dispenser
  • Best dog treat bag
  • Heavy-duty & washable

Best Runner Up: Lanktoo Dog Treat Bag

The Lanktoo dog treat bag is the best way to carry treats on a walk. Simply slide it over your shoulder or waist and you have instant access to a bag of treats. It is waterproof, wipeable, and machine washable. It has 4 ways to wear it so you can have easy access or keep it hidden under your jacket.

Lanktoo Dog Treat Pouch Bag with Poop Bag Holder

Pawfect for dog lovers, this pouch is great for carrying anything from a snack to a cell phone! Made of water-resistant nylon with two zipper pockets, one mesh pocket and a poop bag dispenser. It also has four ways to wear it: via the built-in handle or adjustable straps. It’s light and easy to use, plus doubles as a poop bag dispenser!

This bag is Pawfect for those who love their dog and find themselves out for walks more often than not. The comfortable mesh shoulder strap allows you to have your hands free so you can properly interact with your dog or child. The built-in poop bag holder allows you to keep your hands free as well as have a location where you can store dog poop bags. Also comes with a handy clip that attaches the pouch to a belt loop, stroller, backpack or even your keys.

The unique reflective strip positioned at the top of this dog training bag will keep you visible and safe when out walking your dog at night.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Large inner layer
  • Belt clip & shoulder strap
  • Built-in poop bag dispenser

Best Magnetic: RoyalCare Silicone Dog Treat Pouch

A stylish and practical treat pouch for dog owners, the RoyalCare Dog Treat Pouch is a must-have accessory for on-the-go pups. This simple design includes a large main compartment to store your pup’s favourite treats, as well as an extra side pocket to conveniently hold waste bags and accessories:

RoyalCare Dog Treat Pouch

Keep your dog’s treats within easy reach with these innovative silicone pouches. Simply clip on to any leash or collar and enjoy easy, mess-free access to your dog’s treats.

The magnetic lid ensures that the pouch will stay closed automatically and the waist clip will keep it securely attached to your pet’s leash or harness at all times. Made of 100% FDA certified silicone, this pouch is completely BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Key Features:

  • Magnetic auto-closing lid
  • Made from 100% safe food-grade silicone
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to clean

Best Waterproof: Pecute Dog Treat Pouch

Finally, a dog treat pouch that is both adorable and functional. The Pecute Dog Treat Pouch is made from 100% polyester, which keeps it water-resistant and super durable. It features three zippered pockets to keep you organized while on the go. These pouches are great for small dogs or puppies who need to learn how to use one, too!

Pecute Waterproof Dog Treat Pouch

The Pecute Treat Pouch is the Pawfect combination of functionality and style for your pup. It combines a waterproof material with a useful design. The Dog Treat Pouch has mesh exterior pockets, 2 zipped interior pockets, and a poo bag dispenser. Each pocket is waterproof.

This is a Pawfect dog treat pouch to carry with you on your dog walks. It is fully lined with fabric and the inside pockets are waterproof. This makes it an ideal pouch to carry your phone or keys when you go for a walk with your dog.

The adjustable strap allows this pouch to be worn across the body for added comfort and security. Another great feature of this product is that it includes a built-in poo bag dispenser on the side so that you can quickly access it when needed! This would make a lovely gift for someone who loves their pet.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof fabric
  • Adjustable straps
  • Built-in poo bag dispenser

Best Storage: WoofWoof Dog Training Treat Bag

The ultimate dog treat pouch with space for treats, clicker and a collapsable water bowl! Two zip pockets on the outside are quick and easy to access so you can store your mobile phone and other personal belongings while out walking your dog.

WoofWoof Dog Treat Training Pouch Bag

A high-quality dog treat pouch made from durable, water-resistant nylon fabric. The two compartments allow you to easily separate your dog’s treats and toys so that the treats don’t get soaked or dirty. With a long should strap, it’s the Pawfect gift for tall dog walkers!

Treat your dog to a delicious snack or carry your personal effects wherever you go with the Dog Treat Training Pouch, made from durable nylon fabric. The large front pocket is great for treats or small toys, while the waterproof interior keeps other items dry. Two zipper pockets are Pawfect for holding keys, money, and other valuables.

This is more than just a dog treats bum bag, it comes with a collapsible dog water bowl and a dog clicker device for professional training.

Key Features:

  • 3 ways to wear
  • 4 storage compartments
  • Waterproof fabric

More Dog Treat Pouches & Bags

These training bags and pouches didn’t make it into our top 5 but were still worth an honourable mention:

Petacc Silicone Dog Treat Pouch

Completely safe dog treat bags are made from special food-grade silicone resin to ensure long-lasting durability and anti-corrosion. Simple to use, lightweight, and conveniently attaches to your belt, trousers, or pockets using a portable clip for ease of access. This is the dog treat bag with magnetic closure, making it more accessible than any other dog treat pouch available.

Petacc Magnetic Dog Treat Pouch

Petacc Dog Treat Pouch selects food-grade silicone resin to ensure wonderful anti-corrosion, elasticity, and durability. It’s extremely safe and healthy for your lovely dog. The dog treat pouch is equipped with a magnet in the semi-closed opening, which allows you to handily put in and take out feeding food and snacks to train your pet, with automatic close after feeding.

The pouch automatically closes shut with a magnet fitted inside so you can quickly access treats one-handed. Ideal for training and playing with your dog outside. If your pup likes wet food then you will find this treat bag easy to clean with its large opening allowing direct access inside.

Out of all the dog treat bags we tried, we found the Petacc portable pouch one of the easiest to use and the special opening design makes it really fast to reward your pet.

Trixie Mini Dog Snack Bag

The smallest dog treat bag we tried was the mini snack bag by Trixie. Due to its small size, the dog bag is very portable and lightweight, making it easy to secure onto your waist or leash with an attachment hook, allowing fast access to treats when training your dog.

Trixie Dog Activity Mini Snack Bag

When training your dog you will likely need to offer rewards. It can be very messy to try and carry this with you. But not if you have this handy snack bag that will hold all your training treats for you. Includes an attachment to wear at your waist and easy access to treats you can speed up your training with ease.

Due to the size of this bag, it is only suitable for carrying small dog treats on short trips. Made from nylon fabric the bag is strong and durable. The mini dog snack bag is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth so you can kill any dangerous bacteria. To fasten the pouch just pull the drawstring and your treats are safe. Well-made little snack bag available in a range of different colours (Green, Purple, Black and Red).

Dog Treat Bag Essentials

Here are some essentials to buy with your dog treat pouch and training bags:

Bounce & Bella Dog Training Treats

Crunchy, healthy dog treats for great training. Bounce and Bella dog treats are the Pawfect way to reward your best friend with a treat that is both healthy and tasty. All their treats are made from natural ingredients, are grain-free, and hypoallergenic. They use only the finest natural ingredients to produce a treat that your dog will love!

Bounce & Bella Dog Training Treats

Stimulate your dog’s mind and reward their good behaviour with these delicious training treats. Bounce & Bella’s mini training bites are packed full of tasty things like chicken, duck, and sweet potato. They’re also hypoallergenic which means they won’t cause stomach upset so your best friend can stay healthy.

For the love of dogs, Bounce and Bella have created a delicious dog training treat made with wholesome ingredients that are free of wheat, corn, soy, and other allergens. These treats are Pawfect for training sessions or a tasty snack – so be sure to include them inside your dog treat pouch.

Greener Walker Poo Bags for Dog Waste

Make sure you never forget to pick up after your four-legged friends with these handy and strong dog waste bags. Two sizes are available, making this the Pawfect bag for almost any dog owner. So whether you have a Great Dane or a Yorkie, there’s a size that will fit the job. Not only are they super useful, but they’re also eco-friendly, which means less waste in landfills!

Greener Walker Poo Bags for Dog Waste Sale

For a better world, one poo at a time. Keep your dog and the environment happy with these biodegradable dog poo bags!

Walking your dog can be a messy business — and a dirty one, too. You love your dog and you want to be eco-conscious, so what’s the solution? Greener Walker Dog Poop Bags are an eco-friendly choice for pet owners who want to walk their best friend in style.

These bags are made of recycled materials and offer a biodegradable alternative to traditional plastic bags used by other pet industry leaders. The bags are strong and leak-proof, making them ideal for picking up after your furry friend wherever they take a potty break on their walk!

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