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If your dog is old or has health or mobility issues, very young or not vaccinated yet, then you’ll need a way to take them out and about with you. No dog wants to stay cooped up indoors while you have all the fun, and just like humans, they need mental stimulation—and as much exercise as they can manage—to stay healthy.

You need something that allows them to walk when they can but transports them in comfort when they can’t. If you’re a cyclist, dog bike trailers are one solution. If you’re not, then a dog stroller might be just the thing (although as you’ll see, you can have both!). We’ve researched the best dog strollers currently on the market to bring you our Top 5 Dog Strollers, plus three other pet strollers whose features make them worthy of an honourable mention!

Our Top 5 Rated Dog Strollers

Here are our 5 best strollers for dogs:

Best Overall: DAWOO 4-Wheel Pet Stoller

The DAWOO 4-Wheel Pet Stroller is ideal for wet and windy weather, as the cover is made from waterproof and durable Oxford cloth. This dog stroller is easy to put up and just as easy to fold down, with a safety clip to ensure it remains in the collapsed position for safe storage.

DAWOO 4-Wheel Pet Trolley Stoller

Concerned about your dog getting wet in their dog stroller? Dreading humiliating struggles as you try to collapse your dog buggy or put it up? Then choose the DAWOO 4-Wheel Pet Trolley. Great value, and super-easy to erect and fold, it has a waterproof cover and comes in three stylish colours.

With dog owners in mind, there’s a deep storage basket underneath for everything you need on a walk, such as a picnic blanket, reading material, doggy treats or human treats! There are also two cup-holders and a small storage tray built into the handlebar, which is padded for a comfy, secure grip.

With pampered pooches in mind, this dog stroller has a padded seat, internal safety straps to prevent unexpected escapes, and three mesh windows so that Rover can enjoy good ventilation and won’t miss out on the views!

Our reviewers love the ease of assembly and the sturdiness of this dog pushchair, plus how easy it is to put it up and collapse it.

Key Features:

  • Available in black, pink, or red
  • Maximum weight capacity: 30lbs (13.5kg)
  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Rear safety brake
  • 360° front wheel rotation for easy steering and control

Best Runner-up: The Burley Display4Top Pet Pushchair

The Burley Display4Top Pet Pushchair comes from one of the leading dog stroller brands and, this sturdy dog stroller in cheery red has over a thousand positive reviews from happy customers on Amazon.

The Burley Display4Top Pet Pushchair Sale

Don’t leave Fido alone and depressed if he can’t keep up! Buy this cheery red Burley Display4Top Pet Pushchair today. Its padded bottom, mesh windows and opening canopy let Fido share your adventures, while its generous storage space lets you leave the heavy bags behind!

With a large compartment for your dog and mesh windows to provide ventilation and a view of the outside world, it’s a practical, spacious dog pushchair that’s bound to be a hit with Fido. The host of useful extra features will make it equally popular with you, including two cup holders in the handlebar and a handy storage compartment underneath to hold shopping or dog toys. The opening canopy zips closed for safety, but its large mesh section ensures you can still keep an eye on your dog.

Pet Stroller


This lightweight dog buggy folds away compactly for easy storage when not in use, and reviewers score it highly for value for money, robustness, space (generous even for dogs at the upper end of the weight limit) and ease of assembly.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for pets up to 30lbs (13.5kg)
  • Spacious compartment with a padded bottom 
  • Back zippered mesh panel for easy access, ventilation and visibility
  • Front mesh window
  • Easy to put up and fold down
  • Storage tray and cup holders in the handlebar

Best Large Stroller: Pawhut 4 Wheel Dog Stroller

While there is a range of ways to transport smaller dogs, such as dog slings, there are fewer choices for larger breeds—and some dog strollers aren’t up to the task either. But we’ve found one that is!

The Pawhut 4 Wheel Dog Stroller is a sturdy, large dog stroller providing the pawfect way to transport your sizeable pooch. Capable of holding dogs up to 55kg (121lb) in weight and around the size of a Golden Retriever, it’s also a suitable stroller for two smaller dogs if they don’t exceed the weight limit together.

Pawhut 4 Wheel Dog Stroller

Worried about how to take your larger but less active dog out and about? Don’t be! Buy the smart, sturdy, spacious Pawhut 4 Wheel Dog Stroller, with its 55kg capacity now—you’ll get free delivery, and Rover the Retriever will never need to be left at home again!

Two large static back wheels and two smaller front wheels with a 360° range of motion ensure this large dog stroller is stable but manoeuvrable, even with Gordon the Golden Retriever inside! A padded removable bottom pad keeps your dog comfortable, and four mesh windows provide a view and plenty of ventilation. There’s a large, zipped panel at the front for easy access.

This dog pushchair is 82cm wide, so it may not fit through all doors—but this isn’t an issue, as it’s quick and easy to remove the handle and fold this stroller flat when you get home.

Key Features:

  • Available in deep red or blue 
  • Removable floor cushion for comfort and easy cleaning
  • Inner dimensions 64H x 80L x 64Wcm (door: 55H x 33Lcm)

Best All-Terrain Stroller: Pawhut 3 Wheel Dog Jogger

If you’re an active dog owner with a not-very-active dog, you might think your only option for taking your dog on a hike is a dog carrier backpack. While they can be useful, they can also be cumbersome in some situations and hard on your back, especially if your dog is larger. All-terrain dog strollers provide an alternative solution.

Our favourite all-terrain dog stroller is the smart red-and-black Pawhut 3 Wheel Dog Jogger, suitable for dogs up to 25kg (55lb). Made by one of the most well-known and dependable dog stroller manufacturers, it’s super easy to fold down, and the front wheel can be locked in position or unlocked to suit the activity and terrain.

Pawhut 3 Wheel Dog Jogger Sale

If you hate leaving your dog behind when you set off for a hike or jog, and a dog carrier backpack isn’t a suitable option, then never fear—this Pawhut 3 Wheel Dog Jogger is a sturdy all-terrain stroller with a lockable front wheel, letting Fido go wherever you go!

With a sturdy frame and strong, durable Oxford cloth cover, it’s ideal for adventuring and reviewers love how well it copes with rough ground, mud, grass, gravel, ice and snow. The mesh windows and three-position opening canopy help your dog travel in comfort, whatever the weather and temperature, and ensure they can keep an eye on the outside world.

Key Features:

  • Lockable front wheel
  • Two internal safety leashes 
  • Cup holders in the handlebar
  • Useful lower storage tray
  • Zipped back access panel

Best Budget Stroller: PawHut Folding Dog Stroller

A dog stroller can be an expensive purchase, and some have special features that make it well worth paying that little bit extra. But if you just want a well-made, dependable dog stroller at a good price, you don’t have to compromise on quality. We’ve found a brilliant budget dog stroller made by one of the best brands in the business: PawHut.

The Pawhut Folding Dog Stroller is lightweight and easy to fold up, with a very generous storage basket underneath and two cup holders in the handle. It also has both front and rear zipped entry panels for your dog—ideal if stiff joints make it hard for them to turn around once they’re inside.

PawHut Folding Dog Stroller

If your dog stroller budget isn’t huge but you’re concerned about reliability and safety, relax! Buy this bargain PawHut Folding Dog Stroller, with two access panels and a removable seat pad, while it’s at a great price—knowing you’ve got a top-quality stroller from a well-known brand.

Two front universal wheels and two rear directional wheels with brakes make manoeuvring your dog stroller easy, and the handle is covered with EVA foam to make it easier and comfier to grip. Made of steel and Oxford cloth, as many more expensive models are, this budget dog stroller is a real bargain—and reviewers love the easy assembly and large storage basket!

Key Features:

  • Maximum weight: 22lbs (10kg)
  • Reflective safety stripes
  • Removable, washable seat pad
  • Opening canopy
  • Three mesh windows

More Pet Strollers

Here are 3 other great pet strollers, each offering a desirable feature not offered by the strollers in our top 5:

Dawoo Double Pet Stroller

The sturdy Dawoo Double Pet Stroller is the Pawfect way to transport two small to medium dogs (or cats!) simultaneously but separately—ideal if your dogs like their own space or are fragile or poorly.

Dawoo Double Pet Stroller

Need a double dog stroller, but worried about transporting a fragile dog? Then choose the great value Dawoo Double Pet Stroller. With a sturdy frame and separate carriers, which can be removed and carried via a handle, it’s the perfect purchase for vet trips and holidays.

This dog stroller has two separate pet carriers, placed one above the other, each with a removable cushion. Each carrier has a maximum weight load of 17lbs (7.7kg).

Key Features:

  • Zipped access from front, back and middle
  • Double front wheels with 360° rotation
  • Button-press collapse
  • A large front mesh section
  • Each compartment has a handle and can be used as a pet carrier 

IREENUO Pet Trolley Stroller

The bestselling IREENUO Pet Trolley Stroller looks more like a dog pram than a dog buggy, with a very generous area for your dog to lie down. It’s also reversible by repositioning the handle, meaning you can have your dog facing you and keep an eye on them.

IREENUO Pet Trolley Stroller

Love the idea of a dog stroller but are concerned about keeping an eye on your dog—and having room for shopping? Then buy the reversible IREENO Pet Trolley Stroller. This premium pet stroller offers the option to face your pet as you push them along, plus two generous storage areas!

Super-sturdy and lightweight, with lots of storage space and a luxury finish, this dog pushchair has a high-quality, tear-resistant 600D Oxford fabric cover, and is available in blue or red-and-black.

Key Features:

  • Reversible
  • The storage basket underneath and storage bag on the back
  • Maximum load capacity 30kg (66lb)
  • Strong, lightweight aluminium alloy frame
  • Breathable mesh canopy

PETIQUE Breeze Dog Bike Trailer and Stroller

If you’re unsure whether to buy a dog bike trailer or dog stroller and don’t have space or money for both, then the PETIQUE Breeze Dog Bike Trailer and Stroller will get your tail wagging!

PETIQUE Breeze Black Luxury Dog Bike Trailer and Stroller Sale

Need a dog stroller and a dog bike trailer, but worried you can’t afford or store them both? Stop stressing and buy the PETIQUE Breeze Luxury Dog Bike Trailer and Stroller today! This high-quality large dog stroller easily converts to a dog bike trailer that can tackle any terrain.

This large dog stroller accommodates dogs up to 30kg (66lb) and easily transforms into a bike trailer using the bike adapter. The 8.5″ front and 16″ rear bike tires provide enhanced shock absorption and traction over rougher terrain. A patented seat pad allows a pee pad to be inserted for young, old or infirm dogs.

Key Features:

  • Easy wheel removal and fitting
  • One hand collapse
  • Removable fabrics for easy cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions dog owners ask before buying a dog stroller:

Are Dog Strollers Waterproof?

Some are, some aren’t, and some are best described as showerproof—so if this is important to you, look for a stroller that:

  • States that it’s waterproof, like the DAWOO 4-Wheel Pet Trolley Stroller we’ve reviewed above.

If that’s not enough then here we reviewed the best dog raincoats that will help keep your pooch dry in the rain.

Can I put my dog in a baby stroller?

Baby prams, pushchairs and strollers aren’t designed for dogs! Prams are for babies who, unlike your dog, can’t move around and leap out, and the safety harnesses in baby pushchairs and strollers don’t fit dogs—nor is your dog likely to be happy sitting upon its tail!

For your dog’s safety and comfort, they need a proper dog stroller, with space for them to lie down and safety features, such as internal leashes, to prevent them from leaping out and hurting themselves. 

Can dog strollers go off-road?

If you want to take your dog stroller ‘off road’, then a 3-wheeler is often easier to steer. Larger wheels handle rough terrain better and air tyres are better than solid wheels. A suspension or shock absorption system will help your stroller and your dog handle bumpy terrain more easily. 

If you’re a keen hiker and want to take your dog on rough terrain or woodland trails etc, then we recommend the Pawhut 3 Wheel Dog Jogger or the PETIQUE Breeze Dog Bike Trailer reviewed above.

Are dog strollers allowed in shops?

Generally speaking, retailers don’t distinguish between dogs who are walking, being carried or being pushed in a stroller: they’re either allowed in or they aren’t. So unless there’s a sign that says it’s allowed, or you’re visiting a chain-store well-known for its dog-welcoming ways (e.g., Waterstones, Dobbies, Cath Kidson), presume it’s a no (and remember that if these stores are inside a shopping centre, the centre itself may have a ban on dogs).

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