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The Best Dog Slings

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It’s great to venture out with your furry friend running by your side. But sometimes that can’t happen. If you’re travelling or shopping, it’s not always possible to have them running alongside you—and there are other places and activities where it’s not possible for them to walk with you either. If they have joint issues, health conditions or are simply getting a little long in the tooth, they may not have the stamina to keep up with you (even though you both wish they could).

That’s where these dog sling carriers come in. While dog carrier backpacks and dog trailers are ideal for outdoor adventures and cycling, dog slings are ideal for travel, holidays, shopping trips and other times when Fido can’t match your pace!

The 5 Top-Rated Dog Sling Carriers

Here are the 5 best dog slings we reviewed online:

Best Overall: SlowTon Hands-Free Dog Sling

It was waggy tails all around when we found our favourite dog sling: the SlowTon Hands-Free Dog Sling. With its ultra-wide, highly adjustable padded shoulder strap (45cm-90cm), it’s a really comfy fit. It can also carry dogs up to 10kg, so it’s a good choice for larger dogs.

[amazon box=”B07L97NXZS” title=”SlowTon Hands-Free Dog Sling”]

An easy winner! Super-durable, sturdy and waterproof, this dog carrier sling allows you to comfortably carry dogs up to 10kg safely and securely, and it’s available in 10 colours. Want a dog sling that’s guaranteed to tick all your boxes? Save yourself the browsing time and buy it now!


To ensure your pampered pooch stays safely inside, there’s an adjustable safety hook that attaches to your dog’s collar and an adjustable button fastening. With plenty of room to stick its head out, your dog will be able to see and smell everything. This makes it ideal for dogs who aren’t comfortable in legs-out open carriers but aren’t keen on enclosed carriers either. The best of both worlds—and a good option if you’re out shopping.

[amazon fields=”B07L97NXZS” image=”3″ image_alt=”Slowton Dog Sling” image_title=”Slowton Dog Sling” image_size=”large” value=”thumb”] [/amazon]


It’s not only a comfortable dog carrier sling for you and your dog, but practical too. It’s waterproof and machine washable, with a handy zipped front pocket to securely carry human and dog essentials like a mobile phone, dog poop bags—and of course, healthy dog treats!

Key features:

  • Comfy, wide, adjustable shoulder strap
  • Handy zipped pocket
  • Waterproof and machine washable
  • Soft and comfortable for your pet
  • Adjustable safety hook and button closure for security

Editors Rating: 4.4

Best Runner Up: BIGWING Style Pet Sling Carrier for Dogs

Our runner-up dog sling carrier is the BIGWING Style Pet Sling Carrier for Dogs, available in four colours and two sizes: small, for dogs and puppies up to 2kg, and medium for dogs up to 4kg. It’s one of our favourite pet slings for small dogs.

[amazon box=”B01L73ORRK” title=”BIGWING Style Pet Sling Carrier for Dogs”]

A stylish, sturdy dog sling for smaller dogs up to 2kg (S) or 4kg (M). Worried about your dog’s comfort and safety? Then choose this dog sling carrier with 70% breathable mesh for great ventilation and cooling, plus an internal hook, neck fastening and zip lock to prevent escape.


This stylish dog sling is made of strong leather and canvas, with large, breathable mesh panels to ensure your dog or puppy stays cool and comfortable. They will be held securely too, with an internal hook, an adjustable cord to close the neckline and a zip lock, ensuring your playful pooch can’t escape. Soft, padded panels at the bottom and back of the sling offer premium canine comfort!

It’s not just your dog’s comfort that’s been considered here. The shoulder strap is retractable and adjustable, so you can position the sling in the most comfortable, convenient position. It’s also well-padded and made of breathable fabric, helping to distribute weight and preventing a sore, sweaty shoulder!

Key Features:

  • Stylish and sturdy
  • Great pet sling for small dogs
  • Available in 2 sizes and 4 colours
  • Adjustable, padded, breathable shoulder strap
  • Soft, padded panels for your dog’s comfort

Best Sling For Puppies: CUBY Reversible Pet Sling

Puppies are small, wriggly and excitable, so a puppy carrier sling needs to hold them securely without swamping them! Our top puppy sling pick is the super-soft CUBY Reversible Pet Sling Carrier, made from skin-kind, breathable cotton and durable polyester.

[amazon box=”B07RZNXT7N” title=”CUBY Reversible Pet Sling”]

Concerned about carrying your pup around before they’ve been vaccinated? This super-soft cotton and polyester puppy sling bag will solve your problem. The drawstring liner and collar clip hold small, wriggly puppies comfortably and securely. It’s also foldable and lightweight, so it’s easy to carry with or without your puppy!


This reversible puppy sling bag has a wide, thick adjustable shoulder strap so that stress on your shoulder is reduced and you can adapt the sling height to find the most comfortable position for you and your puppy. To keep your puppy safe and secure, there’s an inner drawstring and toggle to ensure a snug fit in the liner, and a clip you can attach to your puppy’s collar.

The CUBY Pet Sling Carrier is also reversible. That means you can choose to have the grey marl side or the black and white checked side showing, depending on your mood!

A great choice for carrying your puppy when you’re out and about before they’ve had their vaccinations, or for those times when their tiny legs just can’t keep up! It’s not suitable for larger dogs or muddy, rough, outdoor adventures, though.

Key Features:

  • Super-soft sling for puppies and small dogs
  • Drawstring and collar clip to hold your puppy safely
  • Reversible design with one side plain and one side checked
  • Wide, adjustable shoulder strap
  • Foldable and lightweight

Best Sling For Small Dogs: OrgMemory Pet Sling

The OrgMemory Pet Sling Carrier is an attractive and practical carrier for small and miniature dogs. Suitable for dogs and puppies up to 5.8kg, it’s made from a durable navy polyester outer layer and a soft, cosy, inner cotton layer in a contrasting pattern.

The wide, well-padded shoulder strap is designed to take the weight of your dog without cutting into your shoulder, and it can be adjusted between 49cm and 106cm, meaning it’s easy to place the sling in the most comfortable and practical position for you and your pooch.

[amazon box=”B07DPF4M3Y” title=”OrgMemory Pet Sling”]

Carry your small dog in style in this practical, attractive and comfy dog sling carrier. If you’re particularly tall or short and so struggle to find a comfy dog carrier, this OrgMemory sling with its highly adjustable strap (49cm to 106cm) is the solution. Buy it now!


The OrgMemory Dog Sling is machine washable. An internal safety hook and a Velcro strap ensure your furry friend is held safely inside the sling, while a pouch high on the shoulder is handy for storing your phone or keys while you’re out and about. Available in three colourways—navy polyester outer layer with different liner and trim fabric designs—this is a really smart pet sling for small dogs, in both senses of the word!

Key Features:

  • Attractive navy sling for dogs up to 5.8kg
  • Three choices of liner and trim fabric design
  • Highly adjustable shoulder strap
  • Handy pocket for storing phone or keys
  • Machine washable

Best Budget Dog Sling: PETLOFT Reversible Pet Carrier

A great value dog sling for smaller dogs and puppies. The PETLOFT Reversible Pet Sling Carrier can carry dogs up to 5kg, and has a hook to attach to your dog’s collar for security, preventing canine capers and escapes!

[amazon box=”B07DFB3S6Y” title=”PETLOFT Reversible Pet Carrier”]

Grab a bargain! Need a dog sling that can be worn on either hip? This is the one for you. This sling is reversible, with the option to wear it plain side or pattern side out. Get a comfortable sling for your smaller dog or puppy at a great price!


Made from cotton and polyester, this dog sling is machine washable and easy to keep clean. The reversible design means you can either wear it with the plain side out (in pink, grey or black, depending on your purchase) or the contrasting black, grey and white check side on display—whichever suits your mood that day! The shoulder strap is soft and ultra-wide, helping to distribute the weight of your dog evenly and comfortably, and unlike many other cross-body dog slings, this carrier can be worn on either hip.

A bargain dog sling that comes with 1-month hassle-free returns and a 1-year limited warranty.

Key Features:

  • Budget dog sling suitable for smaller dogs
  • Reversible—wear it with plain side or check pattern side on display
  • Machine washable
  • Collar hook for your dog’s safety
  • Available in 3 colours

More Dog Sling Carriers We Reviewed

Here are some more sling carriers for dogs:

HAPPY HACHI Dog Sling Carrier

Made from strong, durable nylon, the attractive HAPPY HACHI Dog Sling Carrier is suitable for dogs under 6 kg. To keep them happy and cool, the zipped mesh window can be rolled up for better ventilation and visibility.

[amazon box=”B07C18BYZ7″ title=”HAPPY HACHI Dog Sling Carrier”]

Don’t want to carry an extra bag? Buy the HAPPY HACHI sling! Two side pockets and a back pocket allow you to carry all your human and doggy essentials and treats securely. An attractive, practical dog sling available in 4 trendy colourways, with an adjustable shoulder strap and roll-up window.


An internal strap attaches to your dog’s collar to keep them safely inside the sling and the wide, adjustable shoulder strap, extending from 68 to 102 cm, helps you position the sling so it’s comfy for you both. Three pockets provide plenty of room for essentials and treats (both human and canine!).

Key Features:

  • Internal safety strap with collar hook
  • Wide, highly adjustable shoulder strap
  • Three handy pockets
  • Zipped mesh window can be rolled up
  • Available in grey, oink, blue camo or green camo

PETEMOO Pet Sling Carrier

The PETEMOO Pet Sling Carrier is ideal for carrying pre-vaccination puppies or taking your small or miniature breed dog on adventures their tiny legs can’t manage!

[amazon box=”B07ZJH3LCF” title=”PETEMOO Pet Sling Carrier”]

Do you have a miniature dog breed pooch who can’t keep up with you or a pre-vaccination puppy? Then solve your canine carrying problems today with the ultra-secure, machine washable PETEMOO dog sling. Available in 11 colours and 2 sizes: S (up to 2.5kg) and L (up to 5kg).


It’s highly practical, as it’s machine washable, quick-drying and has a useful storage pocket for small items. With a Magic Stick zip lock, reinforced buckle, internal collar hook and a secure drawstring and toggle opening, it scores highly for safety too. A breathable mesh window keeps your dog cool and comfortable and provides visibility if they prefer to keep their head inside. An adjustable shoulder strap ensures your comfort too.

Key Features:

  • Available in 11 colours and 2 sizes (SMALL—fits dogs up to 2.5kg. LARGE—fits dogs up to 5kg)
  • Machine washable and quick-drying
  • Breathable mesh window
  • Handy storage pocket
  • Magic Stick zip lock and collar hook

Zuukoo Pet Carrier

Scoring high in the looks department is the Zuukoo Pet Carrier. With its smart, durable black PU base and strap, and breathable cotton ‘walls’ with a sophisticated print, it’s one of the best-looking dog slings we’ve seen. The handy pocket on the front, with a popper fastening and logo detail, is perfect for storing your phone and there’s another pocket on the shoulder strap.

[amazon box=”B07KQV47BZ” title=”Zuukoo Pet Carrier”]

If looks are important, look no further! With its logo detail and sophisticated design, the Zuukoo is the trendiest of our selected dog carriers but won’t break the bank. With a waterproof base, highly adjustable strap, built-in cushion and 2 handy pockets, it’s as practical as it is stylish!


For your dog’s safety and comfort, there’s an inner locking drawstring to hold them securely and a built-in cushion! The wide shoulder strap helps distribute your pet’s weight and it’s adjustable from 68-102cm.

Key Features:

  • Stylish dog sling for small to medium dogs
  • Built-in cushion for your dog’s comfort
  • Highly adjustable shoulder strap
  • Sturdy, waterproof PU base
  • 2 handy pockets

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sling-style dog carriers safe? I’m worried my dog will escape.

Quality dog carrier slings, like the ones we’ve featured above, should have a built-in leash or collar attachment to keep your dog secure. Most will also have an adjustable opening to ensure your dog can stick their head out—but not wiggle out!

Are dog slings suitable for large dogs?

Most sling manufacturers give an indication of the maximum size and weight of the dogs their slings are designed for, and for both safety and comfort, it’s best to stick to this. While the cross-body design helps to distribute the weight, most of your dog’s weight will be on one hip, so larger pets are usually best carried in dog backpack carriers.

Can dog slings be worn on either hip?

Some, like the PETLOFT Carrier we’ve featured above, are symmetrical and design and can be worn on either hip, but many are designed to only be worn one way. Always check descriptions and look carefully at photos of the product, and the product in use, before buying.

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