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The Best Dog Grooming Tables

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When it comes to dog grooming, we’re all about making sure our four-legged friends are looking and feeling tip-top. However, you won’t get very far if you don’t have the best dog grooming tables on your side. If you’re looking to purchase a grooming table to use at home, or for a professional pet grooming business, we’ve put together this handy buying guide to help you decide which one suits your needs best.

Our 5 Top-Rated Pet Grooming Tables

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and mobility levels. The best grooming tables should always have adjustable arm heights making them perfect for accommodating older or less mobile dogs.

Portable grooming tables are perfect for at-home or mobile grooming needs and come with accessories including racks for storing your dog grooming kit.

Professional dog grooming tables have hydraulic and electric adjustable heights and are capable of withstanding 2-3 dogs at a time. Here are our 5 best grooming tables for dogs:

Best Overall: BTM Stainless Steel Grooming Table

BTM Stainless steel dog grooming table is a good option for dog grooming. It is made of a stainless steel frame, PVC feet pad and MDF board, which is the top-level craftsmanship in the market.

[amazon box=”B00ENXFTHO” title=”BTM Stainless Steel Grooming Table”]

Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Table from BTM is designed with adjustable arm and neck lasso, it has a scrap resistant, static-free board, strong steel legs and frame, and anti-slip foot pads to provide extra safety for your pet. This stainless steel grooming table for dogs is ideal for small, medium or large breeds.


This Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Table is a wonderful addition to any dog grooming salon or pet grooming service. This table is created with a hand-polished, stainless steel frame and PVC feet pad, the top of the table is made of MDF board which is finished by high pressure and okay for pets to lie on it.

[amazon fields=”B00ENXFTHO” image=”5″ image_alt=”Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Table” image_title=”Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Table” image_size=”large” value=”thumb”][/amazon]


A stainless steel dog grooming table is a must for any professional dog groomer. This grooming table offers a fully adjustable height, a non-skid surface, and two nooses equipped with safety locks. The lower storage rack makes it easy to organise your dog grooming rakes, tools and supplies.

Editors Rating: 4.7


  • Stainless steel frame
  • Non-slip waterproof desk
  • Clamp-on adjustable grooming arm
  • Best portable dog grooming table

Best Runner-up: GRANDMA SHARK Grooming Table

Grandma Shark Dog Grooming Table is an adjustable dog grooming table, with sturdy construction it withstands a weight of 100kg so you can groom both small and large dogs comfortably:

[amazon box=”B08M9XKJLN” title=”GRANDMA SHARK Folding Dog Grooming Table”]

The Grandma Shark Dog Grooming Table features a foldable space-saving design, ensuring fast and easy transportation from your home to the car or from one location to another.


The GRANDMA SHARK grooming table is portable and can be easily transported for mobile grooming services. With the mesh storage basket, you can easily keep all your necessities in one place while you work. Grooming your dog will become so easy with this table. It features an adjustable fixed arm to help you control the position of your pet, making it comfortable for both you and your dog at the same time. The table has a non-slip surface allowing you to work safer and more efficiently.


[amazon fields=”B08M9XKJLN” image=”5″ image_alt=”Folding Dog Grooming Table” image_title=”Folding Dog Grooming Table” image_size=”large” value=”thumb”][/amazon]


Grandma Shark’s Pet Grooming Table offers the comfort of home and the convenience of having everything you need on hand. It assembles and folds for space-saving storage, has a soft PU leather tabletop to prevent slipping, and is designed to connect pets with dog grooming nooses and loops. The large net basket under the tabletop is Pawfect for holding pet supplies.


  • Withstands weight of 100Kg
  • Foldable space-saving design
  • Comfortable PU leather table
  • Non-slip surface keeps pets safe
  • Mesh storage basket for tools

Best Mobile: Gravitis Dog Grooming Table

The Gravitis Dog Grooming Table is perfect for a mobile pet grooming business. It’s lightweight and foldable with a space-saving design that allows for convenient storage when not in use. This portable dog grooming table is sturdy and wobble-free:

[amazon box=”B078PJF7SM” title=”Gravitis Mobile Dog Grooming Table”]



This table is Pawfect for grooming your pet. It measures 50 by 80 cm, and when set up it is 73 cm high. The table surface comes with a grooming arm that adjusts up to 89 cm, which will accommodate the height of your pet. Additionally, two loops are attached so they can be held securely in place while you groom. The arm can also be equipped with more loops as you need them.

[amazon fields=”B078PJF7SM” image=”2″ image_alt=”Mobile Grooming Table from Gravitis” image_title=”Mobile Grooming Table from Gravitis” image_size=”large” value=”thumb”][/amazon]


Want to make your pet grooming easier? The table surface is covered in a durable, non-slip coating that will prevent them from slipping or sliding during grooming. The mat is held in place with aluminium trim and is static resistant, meaning any dirt, hair, or debris that falls on the mat will not stick. This is very hygienic!

The Gravitis Pet Supplies dog grooming table has adjustable feet that are capable of levelling the table on uneven floors. This means that even if your floor is not level, you can set the feet before you start grooming your pup and keep your pet safe.


  • Fully adjustable feet and arm
  • Waterproof & scratchproof PVC
  • Best mobile dog grooming table
  • Includes 2 grooming loops
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel frame

Protect yourself from the hazards of bathing dogs with these dog grooming tunics that are designed to be splash-proof and resistant against dirt, water and hair.

Best Large: PawHut Grooming Table

The PawHut Dog Grooming Table is suitable for salons, veterinary clinics, grooming shops, dog salons and other pet service centres. It features an adjustable height and stainless steel frame with rubber feet pads to keep it stable on the ground:

[amazon box=”B0824MDZQQ” title=”PawHut Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Table”]

Whether it’s for washing or trimming, this grooming table provides you with all the necessities for your pet grooming needs.


PawHut Dog Grooming Table is a high-quality stainless steel grooming table that provides maximum comfort and stability to groomers. Its adjustable height allows you to fit the table to your pet’s size for maximum comfort.

The metal frame, rubber feet pads and the non-slip surface will keep it stable and secure on the ground. The bottom mesh tray will hold all of your dog grooming tools and dog grooming scissors used during grooming work.

Made from metal, this large adjustable frame can hold up to 100kg in weight. It’s suitable for many different sized dogs, with a non-slip tabletop that they can stand on comfortably.


  • Solid metal frame for durability & strength
  • Two slings to secure your dog in place while grooming
  • Maximum load capacity 100kg
  • Bottom mesh tray for storing grooming tools
  • Space-saving design can be folded away when not in use

Best Professional: Pedigroom Hydraulic Dog Grooming Table

The Pedigroom hydraulic dog grooming table is the best suited for professional groomers. It’s sturdy, adjustable, and has 3 adjustable nooses. The table is perfect for most breeds of dog, even larger breeds up to 120kg:

[amazon box=”B07PMR7ZYG” title=”Pedigroom Hydraulic Dog Grooming Table”]

The Pedigroom Hydraulic Dog Grooming Table is a professional dog grooming table. It has an extra-large work area to comfortably groom dogs of all sizes and breeds.


This superior quality dog grooming table is made from reinforced metal and is ideal for keeping your dog still. It has 3 grooming nooses, and it is of grooming parlour standard.

This dog grooming table is specially designed for professional dog grooming shops, dog breeders and dog grooming businesses. The hydraulic adjustment allows the height to be set from 55cm to 100cm so that you can adjust the height comfortably for your pooch.

[amazon fields=”B07PMR7ZYG” image=”4″ image_alt=”Professional Dog Grooming Table” image_title=”Professional Dog Grooming Table” image_size=”large” value=”thumb”][/amazon]


The Pedigroom professional hydraulic dog pet grooming table is a stylish piece of equipment, but it’s also very practical. This PVC mat on this table won’t scratch, collect hair, or be static-y. It’s waterproof, non-slip, and scratch-resistant.


  • Unique Z shaped design for stability
  • Fully adjustable hydraulic height 55cm – 100cm
  • Best professional dog grooming table
  • Static-free, anti-slip waterproof PCV mat
  • Large work area with x3 nooses

Dog Grooming Arms

These folding dog grooming arms are adjustable and can be fitted to your dog grooming table:

Foldable Pet Grooming Arm with Clamp

SHELANDY Foldable Grooming arm with clamp is a great tool for all dog and pet owners. It is an essential piece of equipment for any grooming table, and its unique design means it’s portable and can be used with almost any table!

[amazon box=”B0733J8RW7″ title=”Foldable Pet Grooming Arm with Clamp”]

The first-ever pet grooming arm with clamp on the market! It allows you to groom dogs of any size on any grooming table. Easily adjustable up to 35” (88cm), comes with clamps and harness. The arm is foldable for easy storage and travel.


This pet grooming arm is an essential tool for any professional dog groomer. It has a noose safety feature that ensures your pet will not come to any harm. It is designed to fit most grooming tables and is adjustable up to 35″ (88cm).


  • The arm will fit most pet grooming tables
  • Adjustable to 35″ / 88cm
  • Includes noose, clamp and harness
  • Waterproof & easy to use
  • Foldable space-saving design

Does your dog feel nervous or uncomfortable getting onto or staying on the grooming table? If so, try and distract them with some of these healthy dog treats that will help them to calm down.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size dog grooming table do I need?

Decide on the height and size of the dog you will be working on. The top of the table should be 4 inches above your belly button. You can measure out the tabletop using standard measurements or your own measurements.

If you’re considering a commercial grooming table, it needs to be big enough for the largest dog you’ll be grooming. Tables typically come in two sizes: 18 inches wide and 30 to 48 inches long, but it’s important to take the size of your largest dog into consideration.

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