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The Best Dog Grooming Nooses & Restraints

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Grooming your dog is an important part of keeping your pet healthy and happy. Although most dogs don’t mind being groomed, grooming can still be a stressful process, especially if they’re older or not too keen on sitting still. To make the whole process easier and less stressful for you and your pup, here are the best dog grooming nooses and restraints to keep your pup looking and feeling great.

Our 5 Top-Rated Dog Grooming Restraints

Achieving that perfect salon finish is easier with the help of these dog restraints. They help you hold your pup in place for safe, accurate grooming.

Need some belly straps or grooming nooses for your salon or pet grooming business? Check out these 5 best dog grooming restraints to make sure every pup is happy:

Best Overall: Downtown No Sit Haunch Holder

The No-Sit Haunch Holder is a dog grooming noose designed to assist groomers in restraining dogs while they are being bathed, brushed, clipped, treated or simply examined:

[amazon box=”B00AU8MLK4″ title=”No Sit Haunch Holder from Downtown”]

This haunch holder is designed for dog grooming purposes. The medium size is 43cm on the short end, and 53cm on the long end. It has heavy-duty stainless steel hardware, and it’s chew and rust-resistant. Super easy adjustment and quality cushion covering will protect your pooch when you groom.


This Dog Grooming Loop from Downtown is adjustable, fitting small and medium-sized dogs comfortably. With an easy-to-adjust squeeze and slide adjustment tab, it’s secure for your pup. It also has durable, protective coverings over the cable to ensure your pup is protected.

[amazon fields=”B00AU8MLK4″ image=”3″ image_alt=”Dog Grooming Restraint from Downtown” image_title=”Dog Grooming Restraint from Downtown” image_size=”large” value=”thumb”][/amazon]


It was built for small and medium-sized dogs that do not sit well on the grooming table. The no-sit haunches holder is an effective tool that prevents your dog from sitting down, preventing any potential injury to you and your dog. Your dog will feel more secure and safe while you’re grooming him and brushing his hair.

Editors Rating: 4.2


  • Medium size 43cm short end, 53cm long end
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel hardware
  • Chew & rust resistant
  • Best dog grooming restraint
  • High-quality cushion covering

Best Runner-up: Gravitis Dog Grooming Loop Set

A dog grooming loop set consists of a front and back loop, both with a swivel hook that can be attached securely as needed. The set is padded and comfortable, with a fully adjustable nylon strap:

[amazon box=”B07C7X1SPW” title=”Dog Grooming Loop Set from Gravitis”]

The Garage Sale Grooming Loop Set is a perfect tool for grooming your pet. This pet Grooming Loop is used to hold the dog in place while they are being groomed or bathed. With ease of use and comfort in mind, this loop will help make the grooming process less stressful for your pet.


The perfect dog grooming loop set for your dog grooming business. This set includes 2 adjustable loops, each with a padded cover to ensure a comfortable grooming experience for your dog. The small/medium-sized head loop measures 22″ in length and the body loop measures 25″ in length. Both loops are fully adjustable and easy to clean and disinfect. For use with a dog grooming arm (not included).

[amazon fields=”B07C7X1SPW” image=”4″ image_alt=”Dog Grooming Loop from Gravitis” image_title=”Dog Grooming Loop from Gravitis” image_size=”large” value=”thumb”][/amazon]


This pair of grooming loops are designed to keep your dog standing comfortably while you groom. Each loop is padded for comfort and adjustable to fit snugly so that your dog remains securely in place. You’ll be able to groom your dog without the danger of them escaping or jumping up.


  • 2 adjustable loops
  • Padded & comfortable
  • Durable & easy to clean
  • Available in two sizes

Best Belly Strap: ASOCEA Dog Grooming Restraint

This grooming belt restraint is perfect for small and medium-size dogs. It’s designed with stainless steel d-rings that slide easily and allow for quick and effortless neck adjustments. Groomers can use this tool for everything from pet haircuts to bathing and training:

[amazon box=”B07HSQRMV9″ title=”Dog Grooming Belly Strap Restraint”]

Our dog grooming belly strap is a must-have for pet owners and dog groomers. It’s great for keeping your pooch under control when doing things such as bathing, brushing and clipping claws.


The belly strap restraint enables you to have your dog on a short leash attached to the D-ring while also having a comfortable padded sleeve around his stomach so he can’t jump away from you.

[amazon fields=”B07HSQRMV9″ image=”4″ image_alt=”Belly Strap Noose” image_title=”Belly Strap Noose” image_size=”large” value=”thumb”][/amazon]


A belly strap is a great addition to your dog grooming kit and can make the job of grooming your dog much easier and comfortable for the dog. The thin nylon straps are soft and padded, and they will not rub or chafe your dog’s skin. The nylon straps adjust easily with D-rings, which allow you to get the Pawfect fit for your pet.

To use, connect the buckle of the short rope to the hook of the auxiliary long rope. The hook of the shortest rope should then be placed around your pet’s neck and adjusted to the desired length. Next, attach the other end to a table and pull on both ends to secure it.


  • Heavy-duty nylon material
  • Skin-friendly & non-toxic
  • Soft padded sleeve for comfort
  • Best dog grooming belly strap noose
  • Adjustable D-rings fits small & medium-sized dogs

Best Strength: Groomers Pro Noose Loop

Groomers Pro Jelly Grooming Loop is a comfortable, secure, and fun-to-use grooming loop for dogs. It features soft, durable BioThane material so it is easy to clean and waterproof. This loop can be used on any grooming table or bench.

[amazon box=”B08WTW13NL” title=”Groomers Pro Noose Loop for Dogs”]

A grooming loop is a must-have for any groomer! The Jelly Grooming Loop has been designed to add comfort and ease during grooming sessions. It works great with all breeds and sizes thanks to its adjustable snap hook. Made in the USA.


These Jelly Grooming Loops are a dog groomer’s best friend. This product is made in the USA for professionals and has one purpose: to make grooming easier. Jelly loops can be submerged in water and are waterproof, so professional groomers don’t have to switch back and forth between loops for a bath.

The adjustable grooming loop is easy to use because of a flexible slide that will fit all sizes of dogs. It soothes restless animals, and it’s a safe, humane option for restraining them.


[amazon fields=”B08WTW13NL” image=”4″ image_alt=”Groomers Pro Noose Loop” image_title=”Groomers Pro Noose Loop” image_size=”large” value=”thumb”][/amazon]


The Jelly Grooming Loop by Groomers Pro is a simple and easy to use dog grooming noose. This dog grooming loop will make your job of holding the dog much easier, giving you more time to work on the dog. It’s made of BioThane material which is stronger than leather, waterproof and easy to clean.


  • Strong BioThane material
  • Waterproof & easy to clean
  • Fits all breeds sizes
  • Easy to adjust & release

Whether it’s for safety or to prevent damage to your home, sometimes you need to keep dogs out of certain parts of the house. Try one of these dog gates to confine your pet and keep him safe while you work.

Best Multipack: Periflowin Dog Grooming Loop

Periflowin Dog Grooming Loop is the perfect tool for keeping hands free while grooming. Originally designed for groomers, these dog grooming loops are comfortable to use and absolutely do the job:

[amazon box=”B08L4Q3JMJ” title=”Dog Grooming Loop from Periflowin”]

Periflowin Dog Grooming Loops are a great multipack selection for any dog groomer! The soft and durable material makes these very comfortable grooming loops for your dog. Your dog will love the comfortable fit! Each loop is adjustable and flexible, allowing you to slide the adjustment ring to tighten or loosen as needed.


They are made from soft, durable neoprene with adjustable slide closure. This allows you to make your loop smaller or larger depending on the size and breed of your dog. This set of Periflowin Dog Grooming Loops comes complete with 4 large restraints each 20″ in length. These are high-quality loops that are strong, durable, easy to use and comfortable to wear.


  • Multipack of 4x dog grooming loops
  • High-grade metal parts
  • Slide adjustment ring
  • Each loop is 20.5 inches in length

When you need to transport your pooch from one place to another these dog car crates are secure, crash tested and will fit into the boot of your vehicle.

More Dog Grooming Loops

Here are some more grooming loops and nooses that didn’t make our top 5 but are still worth an honourable mention:

Shoze 3 Pcs Dog Grooming Harness

This dog grooming noose is made of high-quality nylon material. This dog grooming harness enables you to control your dog for easier grooming or transport. The D-rings allow for adjustability, and the swivel snap attachment makes it easy to attach:

[amazon fields=”B07PZK91BF” image=”1″ image_alt=”Shoze 3 Pcs Dog Grooming Harness” image_title=”Shoze 3 Pcs Dog Grooming Harness” image_size=”large” value=”thumb”][/amazon]

The 3 Pcs Dog Grooming Harness is Pawfect for any dog grooming and bathing, this harness prevents excessive movement and excitement and will keep your pooch safe. It comes with a main rope that measures 138*2.5 / 54.33 * 0.98” and two auxiliary ropes at 77x 2.5 / 30.31x 0.98″ and 33×2.5 / 12.99 x 0.98”.

The D-rings allows for easy adjustment to the right fit, while the swivel snap attachment makes grooming safe and secure. The material of the harness is made of nylon that’s easy to clean. Suitable for professional groomers and at home. Available in Blue and Black colours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dog grooming noose?

A noose control strap or loop is an easy way to keep your dog in position during a grooming session. The strap will attach to the grooming arm or bar, then slip onto the neck or body of your pup.

How do you use a grooming noose?

A loop or noose will connect securely to the grooming arm or bar on your table. A grooming arm is usually adjustable and is recommended for securing your pooch in place with the noose. There are many variations and sizes of noose available, it depends on your preference and what works best for you. If you have an overhead bar then we recommend using a belly strap or harness to keep the dog’s hips in place, which will prevent them from walking off the table.

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