The Best Dog Car Ramps

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Dog ramps and steps help get dogs in and out of a car easily. It can be quite challenging for senior dogs, young pups or dogs with mobility issues to get in and out of a car. These dog ramps for cars will make it easy to get your furry friend in and out of a vehicle quickly and safely.

The best dog ramps are foldable for storage, portable, lightweight and easy to attach and adjust to the height of your vehicle. Whether you’re travelling and want to take your dog with you or you just need a helping hand getting your pooch into your car, these dog car ramps can help.

Top 5 Rated Dog Ramps for Cars

Our 5 best-rated dog ramps are simple to use and lightweight so they’re Pawfect for those who need to take their dog with them on the go:

Best Overall: Easipet Pet Ramp for Dogs

This pet ramp is a cost-effective and practical solution to assist pets in and out of vehicles. The dog ramp is designed for use with cars, trucks and SUVs and can be used in both the front or rear cargo areas.

Easipet Pet Ramp for Dogs

The Easipet dog car ramp has been designed to make it easy for you to load your dog into the back of your car. It is lightweight, folding for easy storage and can be used with dogs up to 90kgs. The raised edges keep your dog safe and the extra-wide surface provides a safer, more comfortable way of getting into your car.

Loading sick and injured animals into your vehicle shouldn’t be a chore. Let your dog in or out of the car in seconds with the Folding Dog Ramp by Easipet. Lightweight and compact, the Easipet dog car ramp is easy to store in your car when not in use. Easipet is suitable for dogs up to 90kgs and has a raised edge to stop paws from slipping off when loading or unloading.

Dog Car Ramp

Editors Rating: 4.1

Key Features

  • Suitable for dogs up to 90Kg
  • Strong and durable
  • Folding design
  • Best dog ramp for cars

Keep your dog safe and secure while you travel. These best selling dog car crates will help make your furry friend feel comfortable in the car. When dogs travel in crates, they are protected from any sudden stops or quick changes in direction.

Best Runner-up: Pet Gear Tri-fold Pet Ramp

Put an end to back-breaking car loading with the Pet Gear Tri-Fold Prestige Pet Ramp. This lightweight dog ramp is designed to make getting inside the car easy for pets of all ages and sizes. With its three-step design, it’s Pawfect for senior dogs or puppies:

Pet Gear Tri-fold Pet Ramp

If you have a senior dog or a puppy, you know that getting them into your car can be difficult. With the Tri-Fold Pet Ramp from Pet Gear, all that hassle goes away. The dog car ramp is specially designed to be lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport from your car. It’s also skid resistant for safety and has reflective markings so it shows up in the dark – especially useful for small dogs at night time.

Get your dog into the car in a flash with Pet Gear’s Tri-Fold Pet Ramp. It’s sturdy and durable and works great for cars, SUVs, vans and trucks. The carpet tread is easy to clean and it folds up compactly for convenient storage when not in use.

Key Features

  • Tri-fold design
  • Lightweight
  • Best dog ramp for senior dogs
  • Skid-resistant

The safety of your dog should be one of your top concerns, especially if you are someone who travels with your pet frequently. These dog car restraints will help to keep your pooch contained while driving.

Best with Steps: Zone Tech Foldable Dog Car Stairs

The Zone Tech Foldable Dog Car Stairs are the Pawfect way to help your dog get in and out of your car. The steps are easy to use, simply unfold, place on the vehicle and secure in place with the adjustable strap. The frame is made of strong metal construction with anti-slip rubber footpads for added safety.

Pet Gear Tri-fold Pet Ramp

Zone Tech Foldable Dog Car Stairs is an excellent product for you and your dog to access your car. These stairs allow you to take your furry friend with you to reach the height of your vehicle so that they may enter and exit with ease. Great for dogs who do not feel comfortable jumping or climbing into a vehicle.

Get your pet in and out of your car with the Foldable Dog Car Stairs by Zone Tech. Pawfect for any dog owner looking to make transporting their pooch a little easier, this set of non-slip stairs is built to keep your pup comfortable and safe while getting in and out of the vehicle. The steps are lightweight and foldable, making them easily transportable in any vehicle or storage space. Constructed with a metal frame for sturdiness, these steps are built to last through years of use.

Key Features

  • Foldable for storage
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable metal frame
  • Best dog steps for car

If your dog is using a car ramp for the first time then why not temp him in the vehicle and up the steps with some of these healthy dog treats he will love.

Best Adjustable: PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Ramp

When your dog wants to travel with you in the car, nothing less than a Happy Ride Dog Car Ramp will do. It supports your dog’s weight comfortably while it gets into the backseat of your vehicle.

Pet Gear Tri-fold Pet Ramp Sale

The Happy Ride is a unique, portable and compact foldable dog ramp. It is the perfect solution for transporting your dog in the car, safely and comfortably. The Happy Ride features a high-traction surface and two side rails that give your pet a sure footing on the ramp. It is made from durable, lightweight aluminium that can support up to 180 kg (over 20 stone).

The PetSafe Happy Ride™ Dog Ramp is the ideal solution if you want to help your dog get into your car, SUV or truck. It’s sturdy and can support a dog that weighs up to 180 kg—so it can be used to help a small dog or a large one. The Happy Ride™ Dog Ramp is easy to assemble and features a telescoping design that is adjustable to the height of your vehicle.

Key Features

  • Telescoping design
  • Adjustable from 39” to 72”
  • Supports up to 180Kg
  • High traction surface

Best Free-standing: UPP Dog Car Staircase

The Free Standing Dog Staircase has 4 steps and is suitable for small and medium dogs up to 30kg. It folds flat to allow full access to the boot/trunk of your car and can be removed easily when not required.

UPP Free Standing Dog Car Staircase

The UPP Free Standing Dog Car Staircase is the ideal solution for pet owners who need to transport pets in their cars. The compact folding design means you can fold it up and carry it with you, so you can keep your pet safe even when you are travelling. Made of durable plastic, the dog stairs are stable and easy to clean.

When you need to take your dog with you on a drive, but don’t want them in the car, the flexibility of our dog car staircase is just what you need. It can be tucked away in any corner of your home until needed; when you are ready to go, it simply folds out and is ready for use. Easy to clean and made with high-quality materials, it is extremely easy to assemble and disassemble – allowing you to store it away when not in use. The maximum load capacity is 30kg (66lbs).

Key Features

  • Compact folding design
  • Supports up to 30Kg
  • 4 Steps
  • Easy to clean

More Dog Car Steps & Ramps

Here are some more dog ramps and steps for cars that didn’t quite make our top five but are still worth an honourable mention:

Kurgo Bi-Fold Collapsible Dog Ramp

The Kurgo Bi-Fold Collapsible Pet Ramp is a convenient and safe way to help your pet get into your vehicle. The bi-fold design quickly and easily folds into a compact size that can be stored in the boot of your car or stowed away.

Kurgo Bi-Fold Collapsible Dog Ramp

Kurgo Step-n-Ramp is the low-stress ramp for pets. It lets you get your dog in and out of the car, SUV, or van with ease. This lightweight, portable ramp folds flat for easy storage and is made of non-slip material to help prevent accidents.

Kurgo’s Bi-Fold Collapsible Dog Car Ramp is a non-slip, lightweight and low-stress ramp designed to help pets get in and out of vehicles more easily. This portable, sturdy ramp comes fully assembled and folds flat for easy storage. The wide steps and non-slip surface make it ideal for larger dogs as well as those with mobility problems such as arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Bi-fold design
  • Low-stress points
  • Easy to clean

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a dog ramp for cars, trucks or vans? Here are some common questions and answers before you buy:

Why use a dog car ramp?

If you want to help your dog get in and out of your van, car, or SUV safely, you can use a dog ramp. Dogs with arthritis, senior dogs, or just dogs a little long in the tooth, can all be helped by these ramps. Dogs who are agile may also benefit from a ramp or some steps because jumping in and out of cars can cause long-term damage to their joints. Whether your dog is too heavy for you to lift, too old, or just wants to jump in the car themselves, a ramp for dogs can be really useful!

How to store a dog ramp in a car?

Most popular styles of dog car ramps such as free-standing ramps, bi-folding ramps and dog steps can be folded down for storage and will fit nicely in the boot of your car, or if you have space, collapsed dog ramps can be position in the backseat footrests too. Most ramps have a folding design for storage, so be sure to check this in the product description. Always check the manufacturer dimensions and size guidelines with your vehicle before making a purchase.

Which is better dog stairs or ramp?

If your dog is young and healthy, either ramps or stairs can be a good choice. But, if your dog has any joint pain or struggles to climb stairs, ramps are a clear choice. Older dogs and those with joint problems often need ramps. Smaller dog breeds with shorter legs may also prefer ramps.

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