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We needed to buy a dog car ramp to help our dog get into our car. We have had lots of trouble with getting our 10-year-old Labrador into the car in recent times. He weighs around 40kg, and his joints are starting to hurt. We also have a 4-wheel drive, so it is a big jump up and down. Whilst he is okay to jump down, he pretty much flatly refuses to jump up these days. It has been impacting his walks and his ability to come along in the car on our travels, so we finally decided to try some dog car ramps. We know from previous experience with walking up slippery metal ramps into the dog wash that he really doesn’t like shiny metal surfaces so we decided to try the Dog Steps.

Is a ramp or stairs better for dogs?

This really depends on the health, age and size of your dog. Ramps or stairs can also depend on the size of your car. We have only ever owned big dogs, and they have usually just jumped into the car boot, ready for a trip to the park. Dog Ramps, in our researched opinion, tend to be a great tool for small agile dogs to get in and out of the car more easily.

Small elderly dogs also seem to do better with a ramp versus a stair set because the steps can often be too high for a small dog to navigate.

We have found that larger young dogs are okay with a set of dog steps or a dog ramp. They can make it up the steps easily, and they are usually happy to walk up a dog ramp into the car. Your choice will depend more on which item fits better into your car. However, We find that larger dogs usually get nervous if they feel unstable, so it’s really crucial to ensure your dog feels safe. Our labrador prefers the steps; we have found these steps to be stable but also lightweight. They fold nicely and only take up a little room in the car. This is important because if you buy something too big and bulky, you will take it out of the car and be without it when you really want to use it.

KELIXU Dog Ramp Dog Steps for Large Dogs, Pet Stairs for Cars. Lightweight Aluminum 5 Steps Pet Ramp with Non-Slip Surface, Support 80KG

Kelixu dog stairs - ramp
  • One of the best things about these stairs is their adjustable height.
  • You can easily adjust the height of the folding dog ramp for a car to fit your needs perfectly.
  • The pet steps range from 59 CM to 63 CM, and the folding size is 43 CM x 32 CM x 16 CM.
  • The width of the stairs is 43 CM, making them suitable for larger breeds.
  • These steps are particularly great for larger dogs.

We looked at a few types of Dog Ramps and decided that this was one of the best for large dogs. It is well priced and seemed sturdy and strong. As you can see, they are actually dog stairs that have been designed with your dog’s comfort in mind! Unlike other dog slide ramps, these pet stairs feature a stepped design that reduces pressure on your dog’s knees and joints. They’re perfect for dogs with short legs, old age, handicaps, or injuries, helping them climb to higher places easily. We found that our Labrador loved our choice and confidently walked up them. They did not wobble, and he felt safe and secure.

These lightweight and stable dog stairs are made with a high-quality aluminium frame, which means they are lightweight yet seem strong. An upgraded non-slip design and thick plastic board make them sturdy and is what prevent the steps from shaking. Despite weighing only 4.5 KG, they can support up to 80 KG of weight.

Getting your dog in the car safely.

Safety is always a top concern and definitely is for us. Any accident could cause a large dog a significant injury. This is why these dog stairs feature a non-slip surface with a cute paw print coating. This feature helps prevent your pet from slipping when climbing the stairs. Additionally, the carabiner on top can connect to your car, providing double safety protection for your dog.

How easy is the dog car Ramp to store in the car?

Finally, these dog stairs are easy to use and store. If you are like me and carry a million items in your car boot, you will want a ramp that you can always keep in the car. They’re suitable for 4-wheel drive cars, smaller cars, sedans, minivans, high beds, couches, grooming or vet tables.
The flexible folding and stretching structure means you can easily carry and store them. If you have any questions about these dog stairs, please get in touch with us. They can be purchased, or read more about them on Amazon here.

Is the 5-step or 6-step car ramp better?

In our opinion, this is definitely dependent on the type of car you have. We bought the 5-step model for our Labrador because, at the time of purchase, my partner didn’t realize that there was a 6-step option. Our car is a fairly large Jeep, and I think we would be better off height-wise with the 6-step option. If your dog is younger and more angle, it will probably do fine with 5 steps, but the extra steps allow for a less steep climb into the car for an older or injured dog.

KELIXU Dog Car Ramp Dog Steps 6-step version.

6 step Dog Car ramp Steps for larger dog

You can check out what we think of the other types of car ramps for dogs, or you can buy and read more about these products by hopping on Amazon here. Please let us know what you think about the product if you decide to buy it. We love adding our customers’ thoughts to our page as we find it helps our readers.

Just to let you know as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. As a dog lover, I only recommend products that I have personally reviewed or tried.

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