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The Best Dog Car Crates and Cages

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When you’re travelling with your dog, you want to make sure that they are safe and comfortable. While these dog car seats and dog car harnesses will do a great job at keeping your furry friend restrained, dog car crates are considered the safest way to transport your pet. With a dog crate properly secured to your car seat or boot, there is no sudden pressure on the neck or back, making dog crates the preferred way to travel for sick and injured animals.

Our 5 Top-Rated Dog Crates for Cars

Dog crates will make sure that your pooch is relaxed and contained while in your vehicle. Not only do they prevent seat damage, but they also keep your dog from distracting the driver. Here are our 5 best dog car crates:

Best Overall: Morpilot Dog Transport Crate

The Morpilot Dog Transport Crate is the Pawfect travelling companion for your small/medium-sized dog. The crate can be adjusted to fit securely into your car seat, making it possible to transport your dog safely and more comfortably than ever before.

[amazon box=”B083XSD89F” title=”Morpilot Dog Transport Crate”]

With its adjustable shoulder strap, three-sided opening and ventilation panels, our dog transport crate easily attaches securely to your car seat or can be used to transport your pet safely on trains and public transport. The removable wool mat is easy to clean.


This Dog Transport Crate by Morpilot is specifically designed to provide a safe and comfortable way to transport your pet in style. It is lightweight, portable, easy to assemble and wash to keep clean. The crate comes with ventilation panels and a removable wool rug for added comfort and security.

This pet transport bag allows you to bring your four-legged friend safely along on car rides. Made of strong, durable canvas, this bag features adjustable shoulder straps to ensure it stays securely in place while you drive:

[amazon fields=”B07MGH27ZS” image=”3″ image_alt=”Morpilot Car Crate” image_title=”Morpilot Car Crate” image_size=”large” value=”thumb”] [/amazon]


The Dog Trasport Crate can be secured to the car seat using the adjustable strap supplied. This doubles up as a shoulder strap too, so can be used as a dog carrier over your shoulder, or by hand using the attached carry handles. This is Pawfect for vet visits, cars, trains, and even under plane seats!

Editors Rating: 4.7

Key Features

  • Small/medium dogs up to 20 lbs / 9Kg
  • Ventilation panels
  • Removable wool rug
  • Easy to clean
  • Best dog car crate

Best for Boot: Petsfit Folding Dog Crate

The Petsfit Folding Dog Crate is a convenient way to safely transport your dog in the car. It comes with two doors for ease of access and a mesh window so you can check on your pup at any time:

[amazon box=”B01BBUH4EW” title=”Petsfit Folding Soft Dog Car Crate”]

A perfect match for your pet and your car, Petsfit Folding Dog Crate is a sturdy and soft dog crate that unfolds quickly and sets up easily in the boot of your car. Made from 600D Oxford cloth and constructed from a sturdy frame, it’s durable enough to withstand the most energetic of dogs.


With the Petsfit Dog Crate, travelling with your dog will no longer be a problem. This Folding Dog Crate can also be used at home to house your pet when you’re busy. The crate is made of 600D Oxford cloth and features two entrance doors for easy access and viewing, as well as a comfortable fleece mat that provides maximum comfort for your pet. It can even be folded flat for easy storage when not in use.

Available in two different sizes. The medium dog crate is suitable for breeds such as Jack Russell, Terriers, Chihuahua, Kleninspitze, Beagles, French Bulldogge, Shih Tzu and Havanese. The large dog crate is suitable for Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Shelties, German Shepards, Collies, Weimaraners and Samoyed dog breeds.

[amazon fields=”B01BBUH4EW” image=”3″ image_alt=”Petsfit Soft Dog Car Crate” image_title=”Petsfit Soft Dog Car Crate” image_size=”large” value=”thumb”] [/amazon]


Petsfit folding dog crate is specially designed for car use, to provide a comfortable safe space for your pet. This product has two entrance doors to make it easier to put your pet in and take it out. It also has a viewing window that allows you to check on your dog when you are not around and a foldable design which makes it simple and easy to carry and store.

If you need to transport a sick or injured dog from the car park or train station then these best selling dog carrier backpacks and dog strollers will help you travel there safely.

Key Features

  • Best dog crate for boot
  • Folding design for storage
  • Two entrance doors + viewing window
  • Durable 600D Oxford fabric

Best for Puppies: Fauna Pet Travel Crate

The Fauna Pet Travel Crate is a great way to safely transport small and medium-sized dogs in your car boot. The crate folds flat for easy storage when not in use, and the faux lambskin interior makes it comfortable for your pet:

[amazon box=”B07P4Q3FG5″ title=”Petsfit Folding Soft Dog Car Crate”]

The Pet Travel Crate by Fauna is an excellent dog crate for car boots. Designed with your dog’s comfort in mind, it features mesh windows for ventilation and ample space for your pet to stand up, turn around and stretch out while riding in the car. The crate folds flat for easy storage when not in use.


Whether you’re going on a road trip or flying cross-country, the Fauna Puppy Car Crate is the Pawfect solution for transporting your pooch in style. The lightweight, yet durable metal frame makes it easy to install and take along while offering maximum ventilation and visibility. It folds flat for easy storage when not in use and has a faux lambskin exterior that’s soft to the paw.

First time trailing in a dog crate? Why not temp Fideo in with some of these delicious healthy dog treats and make him feel comfortable and at home.

Key Features

  • Sturdy lightweight frame
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Top & side entry
  • Dog create fits in the boot of the car

Best Cage: CADOCA Dog Car Cage

CADOCA dog cage is a specially designed product for transporting dogs in cars. It Pawfectly fits all common estate cars and has solid aluminium MDF panels which provide good ventilation and safety for your beloved pet:

[amazon box=”B08BWR28GM” title=”CADOCA Dog Car Cage”]

This dog car cage is weather-resistant, water-resistant and easy to clean. This dog car cage by CADOCA also has a lockable door for safety and security. (LxWxH): 90x66x72cm


The CADOCA Dog Car Cage is the finest quality dog carrier on the market. Made with solid aluminium MDF, this dog cage for cars is not only strong, but lightweight and easy to assemble, so it will be perfect for transporting your furry friends around in complete safety. With all-around ventilation panels and plenty of space for your dogs to move around, this is an essential item if you’re taking the family out on holiday.

[amazon fields=”B08BWR28GM” image=”7″ image_alt=”CADOCA Dog Car Cage” image_title=”CADOCA Dog Car Cage” image_size=”large” value=”thumb”] [/amazon]


A dog cage is a short term way to transport your dogs in a car. A dog cage is a great option if you don’t have a large enough car for dogs to ride in the back seats with a dog car hammock, or if you’re worried about your dogs jumping out of the car when you stop suddenly.

Key Features

  • Fits all common estate cars
  • Solid aluminium MDF box
  • Well ventilated
  • Best dog car cage

Best Soft: Petsfit Fabric Dog Crate

The fabric dog crate is a great way to protect and comfort your pet when travelling. It is made of 600d melange cloth, a soft fleece mat, and has a zipper door for easy access:

[amazon box=”B017VX4BDK” title=”Petsfit Fabric Dog Crate”]

A dog car crate that is more than a dog car crate, the Petsfit Fabric Dog Crate is a soft and comfy place for your dog to call his or her own. It can be folded up for convenient storage and travel. The dog crate also includes a front pocket where you can put your dog’s treats and toys.


The fabric dog crate is a great choice for people who have dogs that need a crate while travelling in the car. It’s lighter and easier to carry than metal or plastic dog crate. Yet it’s just as safe and secure for your pet. This dog crate fits inside most car boots size 60*45*53cm for medium crate and 78*53*65cm size for a large crate:

[amazon fields=”B017VX4BDK” image=”6″ image_alt=”Soft Dog Care Crate” image_title=”Soft Dog Care Crate” image_size=”large” value=”thumb”] [/amazon]


These crates are absolutely ideal for dogs that love to travel. They are made from soft canvas material, which makes them lightweight and easy to carry around. The fabric used is also waterproof, so you do not have to worry about your pet getting wet if he happens to spill water or any other liquid inside the crate.

Key features

  • Lightweight
  • Foldable design
  • Comfortable fleece mat
  • Best soft dog car crate

More Dog Crates

Here are some more dog crates we reviewed that didn’t quite make our top five but are still worth an honourable mention:

FEANDREA Folding Pet Travel Cage

FEANDREA folding pet carrier is one of the lightest and most portable dog travel cages currently on the market. It’s a must-have if you want to travel with your dog safely. Designed with comfort in mind, this pet crate has a soft faux fur base and is made of durable Oxford fabric that can be removed for easy cleaning.

[amazon fields=”B00TI06FJS” image=”2″ image_alt=”FEANDREA Folding Pet Travel Cage” image_title=”FEANDREA Folding Pet Travel Cage” image_size=”large” value=”thumb”] [/amazon]


The Folding Pet Travel Cage is the perfect solution to transport your pet safely and comfortably. With its lightweight and portable design, this pet carrier can be used in almost any type of vehicle. Available in five different sizes to fit your car boot or backseat.

A dog crate is a great way to keep your pet safe and secure while travelling in a car. The Foldable Dog Crate is the safest, lightest, and most convenient dog crate available. It has metal reinforcements for strength, a thick Oxford fabric cover for comfort, and comes with a soft faux fur base for added comfort. The entire crate folds up in seconds to easily store when not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to secure a dog crate in a car?

You must always use your seatbelt when you put a crate in the backseat. This is because you could be pulled into traffic or need to stop fast. You should always put the crate lengthwise on the backseat and thread the seatbelt through the safety straps. Some dog crates such as the best selling Morpilot Dog Transport Crate we reviewed in this article come with an additional strap that can be used to secure the crate to the headrest or seat.

What’s the best dog crate for a car boot?

The best crate for your boot will depend on your vehicle boot size and your pooch size. Always be sure to check with the manufacturer for dimensions first before you buy. The Folding Dog Crate by Petsfit comes in two sizes. The large crate is suitable for pets up to 30Kg and the size is 89*58*58cm. The smaller crate is 76*51*48cm in size and is recommended for dogs up to 20Kg. This fits most vehicles.

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