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2023 buyers guide & product reviews

If you’re worried about your faithful hound keeping up with you while you’re out and about—perhaps because they’re poorly, elderly, or just have tiny legs—then there’s an ever-increasing range of products designed to help both of you. For instance, if you’re out for a walk, dog carrier backpacks can be a good choice, and when you’re shopping, dog slings are ideal.

If you’re a keen cyclist, your dog won’t be able to keep up for miles on end, no matter how fit they are! So you’re left with three options: keeping your cycle rides slow and short, exhausting your dog, or leaving them at home, where they’ll be missing out on all the fun. None of those is appealing!

A dog bicycle trailer is the pawfect solution for both human and doggy comfort and safety. Here’s our guide to the very best trailers for you and your dog. Happy cycling!

The Top 5 Rated Dog Bike Trailers

Here are our 5 best dog cycle trailers, loved by reviewers and representing great value!

Best Overall: The Burley Design Wagon Trailer

Our favourite dog bicycle trailer is the Burley Design Wagon Trailer, and if you want a trailer that’s practical and reliable as well as good-looking, it will probably be your favourite too. This high-quality trailer from leading recreational transport company Burley has a strong aluminium frame and durable yellow and black cover. It can be used for dogs up to 34kg, and back reflectors help it to be seen in dim light, keeping your dog safe.

The Burley Design Wagon Trailer

This high-quality dog bike trailer from Burley is easy to attach and detach from your bicycle, and folds down easily for compact storage. It also moves effortlessly over any type of terrain, meaning your dog can go wherever your bike can!

A mesh roll-up window gives Fido a great view and plenty of fresh air whether it’s open or closed, and a zipped mesh roll-up door makes it easy to put him inside. Once he’s vacated the premises, the floor can be removed for easy cleaning.

16” spoked alloy wheels ensure a smooth ride for both of you, and side mesh panels mean your dog can look out in all directions and enjoy the view as you speed along! There are also handy storage pockets, allowing you to transport essentials without the inconvenience of an extra bag.

Key Features:

  • Smart yellow and black dog cycle trailer
  • Size: L93cm x W79 x H81cm
  • Removable floor
  • Flip-down back door to make entry easy for Fido
  • Mesh side panels and front roll-up mesh window
  • Storage pockets
  • Safety reflectors

Best Runner Up: The Trixie Dog Bicycle Trailer

Running in close second place is the Trixie Dog Bicycle Trailer in attractive red and black. This pet bike trailer is available in three sizes and it’s a great choice if you’re concerned about your dog’s safety. It has a built-in lead to prevent your dog jumping out when the doors or windows are open, and reflective stripes, reflectors and a pennant with a reflective motif to help you and your dog stay visible in low light conditions. Unlike some other trailers, it’s suitable for poor weather conditions, too, with covers over the mesh panel front door.

The Trixie Dog Bicycle Trailer

Hate items that are hard to assemble? Then purchase the Trixie Dog Bike Trailer today! Reviewers love its sturdy but lightweight construction, and that it’s so easy to assemble and collapse, with a quick-fix wheel system. It’s also reliable and stylish, with great features to keep your dog safe.

The durable nylon cover is easy to clean and there’s no worry about struggling to reach inside to clean the padded trailer base, as it’s removable for hand washing. Simple!

Key Features:

  • Available in 3 sizes: S 60 x 60 x 53 centimetres, M 76 x 52 x 25 centimetres, 75 x 86 x 80 centimetres
  • Durable, easy-to clean nylon cover
  • Reflective stripes, reflectors and pennant with reflective motif to keep you and your dog safe
  • Side mesh panels for ventilation
  • Zipped mesh front and back doors and top panel (front door and top panel have weather protection covers)

Best Trailer For Large Dogs: Duramaxx King Rex

Is your canine companion on the large side—or do you have two small dogs that you don’t want to leave behind? Are you worried about finding a dog cycle trailer that’s strong enough to take their weight without buckling and large enough to prevent them from feeling squashed and claustrophobic? Then we recommend the Duramaxx King Rex Dog Trailer.

Duramaxx King Rex Bike Trailer

Looking for a large, sturdy dog bike trailer for your larger dog (or two small canine companions that want to share a ride?). Then buy the roomy, super-sturdy Duramaxx King Rex Dog Trailer! Easy to assemble, it has a built-in harness to keep Rover secure and extra-large mesh windows for maximum ventilation.

Available in black or red, this trailer has a strong steel frame and an internal capacity of 250l, allowing it to accommodate dogs up to 40kg. A built-in harness will ensure they’re secured safely inside, and a warning flag and two spoke reflectors will help ensure your dog cycle trailer can be seen by other road users.

The slip-resistant, water-resistant plastic base is easy to clean and helps your dog stay safe and comfortable. But our favourite features are the quick-release wheels and foldable towbar, which help you fold up this trailer in seconds, with zero hassle.

Key Features:

  • Water-resistant, non-slip padded bases
  • Suitable for dogs up to 40kg, with 250l internal capacity
  • Robust steel frame
  • Mesh doors front and back, with weather protection tarpaulin for the front
  • Large mesh side panels for good ventilation and view
  • Available in blue or red

Best Trailer For Small Dogs: Retrospec Rover Pet Carrier

Pawfect for the small to medium-sized pooch, the Retrospec Rover Pet Carrier gets not just our small dog bike trailer vote, but a thumbs-up for its weather resistance, too. Available in bright teal or red shades, this stylish dog cycle trailer is made from thick, weather-resistant fabric to help keep your furry friend safe, snug and dry.

Retrospec Rover Pet Carrier

No more soggy doggies! Ideal for your smaller dog, the Retrospec Rover Pet Carrier is a weather-resistant, hassle-free dog-bike trailer that’s super-quick to attach and detach from your bike, and easy to fold flat. Reviewers love it, so buy it while it’s still in stock! practicality and good looks.

There are two large side mesh panels, a handy zipped ‘back door’ for easy entry and exit, and a large mesh zipped panel that runs from the front and over the top of the carrier. This allows your dog to get plenty of fresh air—and, if you open it up, they can pop their head out too! If you’re worried that means a soggy doggy when it rains, don’t be. This mesh panel has an outer, waterproof cover that can be pulled down during bad weather.

Key Features:

  • Handy large storage pocket for doggy essentials
  • Zipped front-to-top mesh window with extra waterproof cover
  • Robust 16 inch, 1-piece wheels that can be easily removed for storage
  • Folding frame that’s easy to pack down and store
  • Compatible with the majority of adult 20”-29” wheel bicycles
  • Internal leash for safety

Best Budget: PawHut Folding Dog Bike Trailer

If you’d love to take your dog along on bike rides but think you can’t afford a dog cycle trailer, then the PawHut Folding Dog Bike Trailer might make you think again. Although it’s one of the cheapest available dog bike trailers, there’s no compromise on quality or features. Its durable, weather-resistant cover is breathable and UV protective, ensuring your dog stays comfortable and dry.

PawHut Folding Dog Bike Trailer Sale

Love the idea of a dog bike trailer, but concerned about the cost? Then purchase this dog bicycle trailer from PawHut, which offers great value at a low price. It’s a safe and robust trailer that’s large enough for your Labrador! Reviewers love its sturdiness and easy-fold storage.

This attractive white and black trailer is spacious, with a robust steel frame and durable Oxford fabric. A roll-up PU cover protects your canine companion from doggy dampness and zipped mesh windows allow good air circulation.

The wheels are tough enough to withstand off-road surfaces, and for you and your dog’s safety, there’s a pennant plus reflectors on the wheel spokes and back. There’s also an anchor point for your dog’s lead or harness, ensuring they can’t escape and put themselves in danger. Front and back zipped doors make it easy for you dog to get in and out.

Key Features:

  • Spacious and sturdy
  • Reflectors and flag for visibility and safety
  • Two zipped doors for easy access
  • Anchor point for lead or harness
  • Folds away with wheels inside for convenience

Other Bike Trailers for Dogs

Here are some of our other favourite dog bike trailers:

The Luxury Model: PETIQUE Breeze Dog Buggy and Bike Trailer

Designed primarily as a three-wheeled all-terrain dog buggy, the PETIQUE Breeze Luxury Dog Buggy and Bike Trailer has a bike adapter slot and can easily be attached to a bike.

PETIQUE Breeze Dog Buggy and Bike Trailer Sale

Want your dog to live in the lap of luxury while you cycle or jog over tough terrain? Then this three-wheeled convertible dog buggy and bike trailer is your next purchase! Sturdy, spacious and stylish, it can be collapsed with one hand—what could be easier? (Here’s a clue: nothing!).

This large bike dog trailer has a patented, comfy seat pad designed so that a pee pad can be inserted for a puppy or older/poorly dog prone to wee accidents, and all fabric parts can be removed for cleaning. It folds flat in a super-easy, one-handed motion and the wheels are removable with just one click!

Key Features:

  • One-handed collapse and one-click wheel removal
  • Patented seat pad
  • Fabrics meet child-safety chemical standards
  • Reflectors and reflective strips
  • Spacious and suitable for dogs up to 30KGs

The Convertible: Apilioshop KUMA Dog Bike Trailer/Buggy

By contrast, the Apilioshop KUMA Dog Bike Trailer/Buggy is designed primarily as a small dog bike trailer but easily converts into a useful dog stroller.

Apilioshop KUMA Dog Bike Trailer/Buggy

Save yourself a fortune by purchasing this great value 2-in-1 dog bike trailer and buggy! Its, large storage pocket is ideal for carrying essentials and its mesh windows, non-slip floor and internal leash help to keep your dog comfortable and secure.

With bold orange and white design and a robust steel frame, it’s a sturdy and stylish choice. Its easy conversion and collapse benefits mean it scores highly for convenience and practicality, while a pennant and internal leash are great safety features. It also has a large storage pocket that’s pawfect for carrying Fido’s treats (and human essentials).

Key Features:

  • Non-slip and moisture-proof rubber floor
  • Easy collapse
  • Compact storage
  • Mesh ventilation windows
  • Supplied with sturdy bike connector and handle

The Super-Safe Ride: Dibea Dog Bike Trailer

If your main concern is your dog’s safety, consider this Dibea PT10756 Dog Bike Trailer. Everything about it says safety and security, from the sturdy steel frame with crossbar supports to the doggy seatbelts. This dog bike trailer also has a warning pennant and reflectors on the front and back. With rugged weather-resistant fabric and a rain cover for the ‘front window’, it will keep your dog warm and dry too.

Dibea Dog Bike Trailer

Worried about your dog’s safety in a bike trailer? Then show how much you care by choosing the Dibea, with its steel frame, crossbar supports, warning pennant, reflectors and doggy seatbelts to keep them safe and secure. There’s even a rain cover to keep your faithful hound dry!

Key Features:

  • Easy to fold and store
  • Front and rear zipped doors
  • Super-sturdy and weather-resistant
  • Rain cover included for ‘front window’

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions when looking to buy a dog bicycle trailer:

What size bike trailer is suitable for my dog?

We’ve made recommendations above for great bike trailers for larger dogs (the Duramaxx and the PETIQUE) and for smaller dogs (the Retrospec and the Apilioshop), but if you want something a little different, then ensure you both weigh and measure your dog before choosing a dog bike trailer. Don’t forget your dog needs room to move, and don’t be tempted to buy one more up to weight spec, as the wheels may quickly become damaged.

How do I secure a dog trailer to my bike?

Most dog bike trailers come with a connecting rod or hook to attach them to your bike, and they’re designed to attach to the majority of adult bikes. If your bike trailer doesn’t, you can check out these dog bike trailer accessories online or at bike stores under a variety of terms such as trailer hitch, connector, tow bar or trailer hook.

Are bike trailers safe for dogs?

To ensure your dog is as safe as it can be, look for trailers with features that increase trailer visibility and dog security. Reflectors and reflective strips positioned on wheel spokes and the reverse of the trailer can help it be seen in low light conditions, while a warning pennant means it can’t ‘disappear’ in traffic. Non-slip floors, dog ‘seat belts’ and leashes and zippable windows, preferably with a ziplock, can all help ensure your dog stays securely and comfortably inside and can’t put themselves in danger. You can buy reflectors and warning pennants to attach to your trailer if it lacks these features.

Always follow the assembly, care and usage instructions for your trailer carefully, and be aware of its limitations at high speed and over rough terrain.

How do I get my dog into a bike trailer?

Look for trailers that have a ‘back door’ that zips down close to floor level, allowing your dog to get in and out easily. It may take time for your dog to get used to the trailer, which will look and smell very unfamiliar! A favourite toy or blanket placed in the trailer can help, especially if you can leave the trailer indoors for a few days so that your dog gets used to going inside to lie down or retrieve their toy. You can also use bribery—check out our best healthy dog treats, useful for enticing them into their new trailer without piling on the pounds!

Whatever dog cycle trailer you choose, enjoy going on great adventures with your dog in tow!

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