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Best Deer Antler Chews for Dogs


Gnawing on hard chews can help your dog’s dental health, removing plaque, preventing tartar build up and stimulating circulation to the gums. Deer antler dog chews are hard, long-lasting and appealing to your dog because of their taste and texture. They’re appealing to owners, too, as they’re not smelly and won’t stain things they touch!

However, watching your dog as they chew and picking a quality product is particularly important with antler dog treats. If your dog is large and/or tends to bite down directly on chews or tries to break them in half, antler dog chews may not be ideal, particularly if they’re made from older or more brittle antlers.

Deer antler treats are not ideal for aggressive chewers and dogs with high jaw pressure. Antlers are much safer for dogs who take their time when they chew, so if this doesn’t sound like your furry friend consider an antler bone alternative such as teething treats for dogs or the Nylabone deer bone listed further down below. Like any very hard dog chew, they can cause cracked teeth or they may splinter, damaging your dog’s mouth. Vets advise taking antler chews away if your dog tries to bear down on them or if they become small enough to swallow, and not allowing your dog to chew more than an inch of the antler per day.

The deer antler we reviewed below already had the sharp edges removed for safety, however, dog owners should also check deer antler dog chews for sharp edges and remove them with sandpaper if needed.

Stagbar Antler Dog Chew for Large Dogs

Stagbars are natural, incredibly long-lasting antler chews for dogs that will keep them happy and entertained for hours, helping to ensure they’re not tempted to use their chewing instincts on household items!

Over a period of time, as they grind down the outside of the chew, the tasty, dry marrow inside is exposed. These antler treats are suitable for adult dogs and puppies who are teething. Also available in small and large sizes.

Regal Mutt – Antler Puppy Chews

These sustainably sourced antler horn dog chews are made from 100% natural Scottish Highland or European deer antler.

They’re hypoallergenic dog snacks and low fat, especially ideal for teething puppies over 12 weeks, redirecting their energies away from your furniture and footwear—so they have benefits for your puppy and for you! They’re also a good choice for toy breeds Regal Mutt antler chews are additive free, preservative free and low odour, and they won’t leave stains or mess behind. They’re also very durable and will help to keep your puppy’s teeth and gums healthy as they chew. Available as single chews or in a 3-piece pack.

The Regal Mutt supports Four Paws Animal Rescue and donates 50p from each pack of antler puppy chews to this important charity.

Antos Antler Dog Chew for Large Dogs

These sustainably sourced antler bones for dogs undergo chemical-free cleaning and the removal of any sharp protuberances before being cut to size to make the perfect antler dog treats.

They’re natural, durable and natural dog chews containing the calcium and other minerals vital for your dog’s good health.  Splinter risk has been greatly reduced by leaving the antler unprocessed, so let your dog chew this natural, odour-free treat instead of the household items you would rather they avoided! As they are a natural product, you will see a variation in the colour and texture of the chews, which will help to keep your dog interested in these antler treats.

Deer Antler Dog Chew, Medium

Green Stag antler dog chews are only made from freshly gathered antlers that are then smoothed for your dog’s safety and cut to size.

Your dog will love these tasty, odourless chews and you have the satisfaction of knowing their antler dog treats are natural and full of calcium and other essential minerals—and that chewing them will help to keep your dog’s teeth and gums in great condition. These antler chews are graded by weight rather than size; medium chews are 225g-350g. They’re also available in small, large and extra-large varieties.

Antos Antler for Small Dogs

Sustainably sourced from the naturally shed antlers of Red Deer and Fallow deer, these antler chews for dogs are cleaned and smoothed to reduce the risk of damage to your dog’s mouth.

These tasty, natural treats for dogs are high in essential minerals (including calcium) to boost your dog’s health, while their shape and texture will help to keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy. Because these durable chews aren’t processed, they are more resistant to splintering, and they’re also odourless. Naturally occurring differences in the chews’ shape, colour and texture will help to keep your dog interested in these chews, preventing them from turning their attention to the things you don’t want them to chew, such as shoes and chairs! Antos chews are weight graded and small chews are between 50g and 75g.

The Regal Mutt Antler Dog Chews, Medium

If your dog is a chewer, then focus those chewing energies on these delicious, durable deer antler chews from Regal Mutt.

Sustainably sourced from Scottish Highland or European deer antler, they’re also free from additives and preservatives, low in fat, and great for cleaning your dog’s teeth and gums. They’re great for you, too, as they’re odour-free, won’t stain surfaces and help support animals in need, as 50p from the purchase of each pack goes to the Four Paws Animal Rescue charity. Buy these hypoallergenic antler dog treats and you know you’ll make not just your dog happy, but many rescue dogs too!

Antler Tip Puppy Chew

Not all antler chews for dogs are made equal, but these high-quality antler puppy chews are made from just the highly nutritious and tasty antler tip.

They’re ideal not just for puppies, but miniature breeds too, and are additive and preservative free. A simple, long-lasting, unprocessed snack that will delight your dog and please you too, as it’s low odour and won’t stain surfaces. As this is a natural product, expect chews to come in a range of shapes with some variation in size.

Nylabone Deer Antler Alternative Dog Chew

A great alternative if you would rather not give you dog genuine antler.

This easy-clean, super-durable Nylabone antler chew is suitable for aggressive, dedicated chewers and is recommended for dogs up to 16kg/35lbs. It’s knobbly texture will keep your dog entertained and help keep their teeth and gums in good condition as they chew. They will also love the venison flavour that’s not just on the outside, but throughout the bone, keeping them licking and gnawing away for many happy hours! Also available in small, large and extra large.