The Best Agility Dog Toys

Agility equipment offers many benefits for dogs to enhance performance, attention to detail and obedience. The best agility dog toys include jumping hurdles, weaving poles and hoop sets, dog tunnels, seesaws and various other activity sport dog training equipment. Depending on the size of your dog some agility training kits and toys are suitable for indoors.

Agility toys can motivate your four-legged friend with games to improve hand-eye coordination and alertness. Agility equipment for dogs helps to create an inseparable bond between dog and owner while proving good mental exercise and essential skills to compete in dog agility training. You can start training your puppy for agility from just one-year-old with suitable low-height kits.

The 5 Top-Rated Agility Toys For Dogs

Here are the 5 best-rated agility dog toys for training:

Best Indoor Agility Dog Toy: Outwood Hound Starter Kit

Complete kit for indoor interactive fun with your dog. Starter kit includes a variety of 7 different agility obstacles for your pooch to work through. Challenge your dog with problem-solving skills that will help improve physical health and wellbeing.

Dogs don’t just want to play—they want to play with us. By inspiring interactive fun, this 7 piece dog agility kit nurtures the relationship between you and your pup.

Play with your dog and boost doggie IQ! Agility training starter kit includes 1 square-shaped tunnel, 4 weave poles, 1 high jump and storage bag with setup instructions. Free agility training tips booklet is included for dog owners.

This Outwood Hound Agility Starter Kit is a great budget starting point with some essential equipment, suitable for mainly small dogs although medium-sized dogs can certainly fit through the tunnel.

Product Brand: Outwood Hound

Editor Rating: 3.9

Best Outdoor Agility Dog Toy: Outwood Hound Zip Zoom Starter Kit

To successfully work through the course, dogs must differentiate between their handler’s commands while using their natural problem-solving skills. Great for your dog and good exercise for dog owners as well.

Dogs don’t just want to play—they want to play with us. By inspiring interactive fun, this 34 piece dog agility kit nurtures the relationship between you and your pup.

The Outdoor agility kit includes three main elements: 1 high jump that’s adjustable for large and small-sized dogs. 1 large square tunnel and 6 weave poles. A free dog agility training book is included with storage bag.

Best Agility Equipment For Obedience: PawPet Starter Kit

This complete kit for outdoor obedience training will inspire interactive fun.

This pet agility training set by Pawhut is an excellent piece of equipment to train your pet. Your dog’s sense and ability to follow orders can be well trained by this set.

This outdoor agility starter kit includes everything you need to start improving your dog’s sense and obedience. You can start using this agility equipment outside from an early age to create a special bond between you and your dog.

Kit includes a high jump that’s adjustable so hight can be suited for different sized dogs. Weave poles for setting a course and improving fitness. A square pause box for obedience training. And a round tunnel that’s easy to erect.

Best Agility Dog Tunnel: TecTake Training Tunnel

Guaranteed fun for your furry friend! Quick and simple to assemble, lightweight, compact and easy to transport with professional carry case.

This dog tunnel guarantees fun for your four-legged friend. And is well suited to use as agility training equipment. Quick and easy to assemble and includes carry case.

With the aid of some tasty dog training treats this agility tunnel is perfect for training obedience and discipline in your dog. Includes pegs so you can secure the agility tunnel to the ground. Only takes seconds to put up and is completely weatherproof so you can leave it outside in the rain. The total length of the dog tunnel is 5 meters long and the diameter is 60cm. Can also be used for agility training other pets, great fun and good value for money.

Best Agility Dog Training Hoop: Rosewood Small Agility Hoop

Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs the Rosewood height adjustable agility hoop can be used both indoors and outdoors. Constructed from soft foam so perfectly safe for training. Includes a carry bag for storage and portability.

Made from soft foam construction, easy assembly, safe for training. Complete with a clear carry bag for carrying and storage. Size is 68x32x70cm.

A small agility hoop for petite dogs such as puppies, Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Shih Tzu or Bichon. In the heavy wind, they do tend to blow over so will need weights to hold them secure. This hoop is best used for agility training outdoors in the summer or can be used indoors in the winter. Due to the foam construction, the hoop is very light, so it’s easy to carry with you when travelling.

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