GET TO KNOW US AT Just Dog Treats?

  • Just Dog Treats is a family operation run across continents.  My name is Kerry, and I have enlisted the help of friends and family to contribute to writing this site which is all things dogs.

  • I have been mad about dogs and cats (sorry to the dog purists out there) since I was 16. Before that, we had a big old white rabbit and a ferret as pets! Yes, you read this right!  My grandad came home one day with a bloody ferret in a cage, and it bit my sister!

  • Ben, the Yorkshire Terrier, was a surprise gift for my mum (I think my dad’s way of helping her adjust to my sister and I growing up). The love that little Yorkie Terrier gave to my mum and dad showed me right there and then that no home should ever be without a dog. 

  •  Dogs are very clearly much better pets than Ferets!
  • Within Just Dog Treats, we will review dog food treats, but treating your dog well is so much more than doggie snacks!
  • In our humble opinion, these should only be given in moderation if you want a healthy and happy dog with as few visits to the vet as possible.  Our 10-year-old Labrador recently went for a vet check, and the vet was thrilled to tell us what great shape he was in.  The secret? Good dog food, no junk food, lots of vitamins, exercise, and love. 
  •  I am a labrador girl and can’t be swayed. My mum and dad will forever tell anyone who listens that the best dog you will ever find is a Yorkshire Terrier.  Let’s face it; all dogs are the best and most loyal friends anyone could have.  You can’t beat that wagging tail and big loyal doggie eyes after a hard day at work. 

Meet Our family and our "BEST DOGS"

Labrador Products

Tayla and Cody

Tayla is now 4th year Osteopath Student and passionate dog owner. Tayla is the resident dog whisperer and can be found most days out and about walking Cody. He doesnt go as far these days, but loves nothing more than when Melbourne is windy and wet.

Just dog treats owners

Kerry and Mark

Mark has never been really interested in animals, until he met Kerry. Although he initially struggled with the responsibilities of animal ownership, Mark is gradually learning to love and appreciate them. As a professional in his motorcycle workshop, he knows that with patience, dedication, and commitment, anything can be achieved. Mark's journey with animals is a testament to the fact that when we open our minds and hearts to new experiences, we can surprise ourselves with what we are capable of accomplishing.


Asha Jo and Pete

Asha Is from Retford in the Uk and Has a Bachelor of Animal Biology. Pete is a Rescue Dog and Asha has put many hours into helping him recover from anxiety. Pete is a mixed breed. Pete had his DNA done and turns out he is a mixture of Samoyed, Border Collie, Chow Chow, Italian Greyhound and Whippet!

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