The Best Dog Strollers

If your dog is old or has health or mobility issues, very young or not vaccinated yet, then you’ll need a way to take them out and about with you. No dog wants to stay cooped up indoors while you have all the fun, and just like humans, they need mental stimulation—and as much exercise…

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The Best Dog Bike Trailers

If you’re worried about your faithful hound keeping up with you while you’re out and about—perhaps because they’re poorly, elderly, or just have tiny legs—then there’s an ever-increasing range of products designed to help both of you. For instance, if you’re out for a walk, dog carrier backpacks can be a good choice, and when…

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The Best Dog Raincoats

Some dogs (and their owners!) love venturing out in wet weather, merrily splashing through puddles. But for fair-weather pooches—particularly older or ailing dogs, or short-haired breeds with no water-resistant undercoat–wet walks mean misery, mud, and feeling chilled and uncomfortable afterwards. If it’s a rainy day and your dog doesn’t need the exercise or a toilet…

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